January 17, 2008
Strategy may not be his strong point...
We recently enacted a new law here in Slushville- if Hatchling is good all day long, he gets to pick a game right before bedtime, and L and I will play it with him. We have Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, some Diego counting game, and Go Fish.

Here is how our evenings have been going:

5:30 P.M.- it sure is getting dark outside Mommy! Is it bedtime?
5:40 P.M.- *big yawn* I am sure tired! Was I good enough to play a game tonight?
5:50 P.M.- Can we play my game now? I'm tired and ready for bed. It's dark outside!

At first, we tried to reason with him. "You know it's not your bedtime yet, right? Are you sure?" And yes, he was sure. So by golly, we played a game and he was in bed by 6. That'll learn him, we said joyfully to each other as we settled in to enjoy our kid-free evening (H2 ALWAYS conks out around 530-6. He must have some Guatemalan sleeping gene, cause he is the sleepingest baby we've ever seen). And then the next night, the SAME thing happened. It's been going on for a week now, and frankly, we're getting pretty darn spoiled.


This morning, when Hatchling came down to give me my magic wake-up kisses (yes, I know most of you are good mothers who get up before your children, but I'm not one of you! I make my kid come downstairs and snuggle, cajole, and of course, give me the magic wake-up kisses. I'm so mean!) he butted his big ol' noggin into my tiny little nose and made it bleed. I screamed and cried fake tears to get across the apparently hard to learn lesson that mommy is a delicate flower, dang it, and little boys should treat her gently. Anyways, aside from all the blood, it must have knocked loose some snot because it is just pouring out of my head now. Good grief, no wonder I feel so bad. How can so much snot be in one head? I don't have the answers my friends, but most of the itching is gone, and I am thankful.
Blogger Shansland said...
Oops. I commented on the wrong post. You will find it on the post before this. Byeeee.

Blogger Katrina said...
While you are inviting magic wake-up kisses, Paul and I are begging our children to go back to sleep, or read a book, or count silently to fifty-thousand...anything for us to get a few more precious minutes of sleep! I didn't know any parents got up before their kids.

Also, I don't play Chutes and Ladders. It's in my Mommy Contract. Chutes and Ladders is all Daddy's domain. I've seen a game of Chutes and Ladders go on for three hours. I would have put my head through a wall after thirty minutes.