February 15, 2008
The birthday isn't until tomorrow, but...

Sweet Hatchling,

You are four! Who can believe it? I notice that I forgot to write you a letter on your third birthday. My apologies! Wow, the last year has been full of changes for all of us! Your little brother came home just after you turned three, and it has been an adjustment for all of us. I think the biggest adjustment has been for you- it’s no fun going from only child to a pair! I remember the same thing happening to me when your Aunt Brooke was born. Hopefully you find it worth it, as it is your father’s and my wish that you and H2 will be close friends for life.

One of my favorite memories of three is you coming down the stairs after your nap, still sleepy, with rosy red cheeks and messed up hair. When you saw me, you stopped and announced “I have a very special surprise for you Mommy!” My surprise? Kisses. Kisses from the sweetest boy on the planet!

You’ve had a robot obsession for the last year (perhaps longer). When asked what you wanted in a robot, you called your (imaginary) friend Dragon down for a conference. You want one that moves his head, flaps his wings, walks up the stairs, has toes, is too big to sleep in your or our bed, and is named Robot. I don’t think we met all the specifications, but we got you a little robot called a kinderbot and you seem to like him- though you still plan on building a robot with Daddy as soon as you learn to read.

Your favorite TV shows are How It’s Made, a show which goes to factories and shows, well, how things are made. You also love to watch Mythbusters with Daddy, and in the last couple of weeks you have loved a show called Super Why, which teaches reading and letters. We got you a game called a Leapster for Christmas, and in two months you have gone from knowing about 2 letters to knowing all of the letters and what sounds they make. You are so smart! I’m just amazed at the things you know all the time.

We went to Disney World last fall and it was the highlight of your young life. You were so fun to watch as you discovered and explored, and it made Daddy and I so happy to share that special time with you. We can’t wait to take you back! You often thank Jesus for Disney World when you say your prayers at night, and it makes us smile every time. I’m sure that the Lord is happy when he hears your sweet prayers as well, for they are full of innocence and child-like faith.

Hatchling, you have the sweetest spirit, and you are so special! We try to remember when you are being bad that those qualities that are good in a grown man are not good in a three or four year old. I pray that your sweetness survives adolescence and that you are always full of the joy that shines out of your face like a beacon. I’ve never known anyone as wonderfully special as you are, my sweet son. My goodness, how much I love you!

All my love, Mommy

Blogger Sara said...
happy LATE birthday, little slush. That pic. you have of him looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!
Thanks for the comment on the new bloggy blog. SPW sounds so much nicer than SPT:)

Blogger Seri said...
Awww, Slushy!! That is simply a lovely letter. You've inspired me actually. When my spawn turns 4 in a few months, I shall have to to the same. What a great idea.

Blogger The Shan said...
That IS a precious letter. Don't they just swell your heart like no other love on earth? Of course there are those times when you chant to yourself "Deep breath in, don't spank yet. Deep breath out." But this is clearly a time for adoration. These years really fly by! Hope you had a fun celebration! :D