February 22, 2008
Free Enfamil Coupons!!!!
I don't' use Enfamil, but they are nice enough to send me formula checks every once in a while. Normally, I would sell these on Ebay. However, since Ebay got a new CEO and went completely insane, I'm joining the seller strike and giving these away FREE!!!

If you would like 2 Enfamil checks good for $3 off any Next Step Lipil formula (total savings of $6, expires 4-30-08), please leave a comment with your email address. At the end of 7 days, or 100 entries (whichever comes first), I will put all the names in a hat and have one of my lovely children pick one! If you don't want to leave a comment, you can email me at slushturtle@gmail.com.

In case you are wondering what Ebay is up to, let me tell you!
  • While promoting "fee reductions", what Ebay is really doing is lowering listing fees, but raising final value fees by as much as 33-66%. Ouch! That makes that 5 cents saved up front not look so good anymore, doesn't it?
  • Ebay is removing the ability for sellers to leave feedback on buyers. So buyers can say anything they want to about sellers, and the seller has no recourse. For people with gazillions of feedback ratings, this might not hurt them that much. For little people like me with 150 or so ratings, this is going to kill us.
  • If a seller has below a 95% satisfaction rating on Ebay, Ebay will not display your auctions in the search engine. So once you get a negative rating, it is nearly impossible to recover because no one will ever see your new auctions as they will always be on the last page. Not cool!
  • There will be a new 21- day freeze on some funds in PayPal.
Dear Ebay, why the hate? Love, Slush

Blogger Mom Tu-Tu said...
And to think I used to really like E-Bay!