February 11, 2008
Meanderings of the Mind
Our worship leader in church yesterday said something that really stuck with me. He said to imagine you were driving somewhere, and you had a terrible accident and were unable to get out of your car as it began to burn. Imagine someone reached in and pulled you out when you were helpless to do so for yourself. And then imagine that they went back, and pulled out your children for you. What would you be willing to do for this person who had saved your life? Well, pretty much anything! Yet God has saved our lives and offers that salvation to our children, our children's children, our friends and family, and how much gratitude do we show Him? For this salvation He asks what? That we climb Mt. Everest or sell everything we own? Nope, mostly He just asks that we spend time with Him. Time! That should be so easy- and yet we fail so miserably at it. Ouch.

I guess that's theologically elementary, but it's what I needed to hear...

Rest in Peace Roy Scheider

"You're gonna need a bigger boat"
Blogger beth said...
Sometimes we all need a reminder of the elementary theology just to get us over all the work that we try to make of being a Christian. Or at least I do. :)

Blogger Katrina said...
That's a great thought. I spend so much time in my day doing things that don't matter one squat in the light of God's gift and eternity. It's good to remember that time spent with Him is never wasted. Thank you!