February 7, 2008
Becky over at Pith, Marrow and Coffee Spoons tagged me and here are the rules:

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Seven Random or Weird Facts About Me:

1- I love chocolate chip cookies with rotel. Oh, how I miss food days at work when I could strategically drizzle a bit o' cheese on my cookies. Mmmm....

2- I adore having freshly painted toenails, but cannot stand my fingernails painted. I like it in theory, but as soon as I get polish on my fingernails, I take it off. I don't know why. You would think after 25 years or so of painting and removing, I would just quit painting my nails, but I don't...

3- I recently learned that when a recipe calls for 2 Tbsp of minced garlic, 2 Tbsp of pressed garlic is not a substitute (and by the way, do you know how many cloves of garlic you have to press to get 2 Tbsp?). Learn from my mistakes and have better breath, young grasshoppers.

4- I don't like ice in my cold beverages. Really, I just prefer tepid beverages. I'm very European.

5- When I wash my face at night, I like for the bathroom door (which is directly over my left shoulder if I am standing at the sink) to be closed. Otherwise, I imagine that I will finish washing and open my eyes to see someone standing there. In fact, I am so scared of this that I rather frequently get soap in my eyes because I just have to open them and make sure no one is there. And when L is gone, I also have to close the bedroom door- so the intruder will have to make it through 2 doors and hopefully I'll be done grooming so that I can do...whatever it is I think I'll do...

6- Until I married my husband, I never bothered to pay attention to whether or not my socks were right-side out. I had on shoes, so who cared? (L cared, as it turned out...)

7- I only purchase Banana Repulic jeans. It's as if I searched my whole life for them, and there they were all the time. Only we didn't have a BR in our mall, so they were hard to find. But once I did, it was a love affair all right. And they go on sale for $20 all the time, and I love $20 jeans! It's a marraige made in heaven. Oh yes....

And to the following seven people, I say:
TAG--you're IT!

OK, actually I'm not naming seven people. I'm such a rebel (hey, there's eight facts!). If you feel inclined to do this, leave a comment and I would love to read your answers. If not, well, don't (but we'll all know what a scrooge you are)!
Anonymous blessedutopia said...
wow...rotel with cookies really?? I've never heard of that...I must try!

Blogger Katrina said...
Wow, rotel and chocolate chip cookies? I have never even pondered that combination, but now I will.

I am so not with you on number four--bring me ice! Lots! When I was in a student exchange program in France, my exchange family thought it was so cute how I like cold drinks and ice and they endeavored to keep them in the house all the time. It was only towards the end of my visit that I realized they made a special effort to do that and that they never drank soft drinks themselves...lol!