March 17, 2008
Cold Turkey
I cut Donkey Kong off from his bedtime bottle (well, really his second bedtime bottle- he goes down with one and then I always gave him another when I went to bed around midnight) on Thursday night. We kept up with the night time feeding for so long because he is such a tiny little thing, but he's started eating better and Mommy decided it was time for him to start toughing it out (Daddy lobbied to keep it up, but he doesn't get up with the kids, so his vote counts for almost nothing). After a few whiny nights, I'm happy to report that the little bugger slept all the way through the night last night! Woohoo for sleeping babies! I knew we (I) had made the right choice when we got up for breakfast on Friday morning and DK was far more interested in smiling and trying to feed Daddy cheerios than he was in eating anything himself. Silly baby. Goodness, that one's a charmer. I'll try to get some new pictures of him soon so you can all marvel at his cuteness.

On Saturday my friend Jennifer and I went to the Gymbacks meet (we have season tickets). We competed against the Oklahoma Sooners (who won). Interestingly enough, one of their coaches paced the hallway to the locker rooms every time one of their girls was on the beam, only emerging from the hallway after the clapping signaled a safe dismount. I'm thinking he might be in the wrong line of work.
Blogger beth said...
Woohoo indeed!! You rock. I dream of those days, though honestly, he's sleeping for 5 hours so I can't complain too much. (Not that it stops me, mind you. ;) )

Blogger Hillary said...
LOL! Donkey Kong! That's hilarious. Hooray for babies sleepig through the night!

And an aside? There's a kid at my school named DK - just that D-K, it might stand for something in Chinese - and now I'll forever think of him as Donkey Kong! Buah ha!