March 10, 2008
Last night on the way home, we stopped at the store and L ran in to get something while I sat in the car with the boys. When a car pulled in beside us, Hatchling begged me to roll down his window so he could talk to the people. That boy, much like his daddy, will talk to anyone. I decided this was a good time to talk about strangers, and why we don't talk to them. Hatchling listened for a moment, and then interrupted to say, "I think I know about strangers Mommy! There's a red stranger, and a blue stranger, and..."

"No Hatchling, those are Power Rangers, not strangers."

"Right Mommy! Power Strangers! They are our friends and they koont the bad guys. We can talk to them! Why do you think we can't talk to the Power Strangers? Silly Mommy, I know what I'm talking about!"

Blogger The Shan said...
He koonts me!! HA HAW. I was just commenting on Sara's blog in my typical longwinded way and I noticed you left a comment right before me. Great minds, I tell ya. I'm excited to try your little cone cakes for G boy this weekend. I always buy cupcakes because I never have the right pan set up and containing them makes me nervous. This will be great for my 10yr old. I'm practicing saying his age. Yikes. :D

Blogger Sara said...
Those rascally kids. Always good for a fun post. Thanks for the comment, btw. Fills the old love tank. Cupcakes??? ConeCakes??? Hmmm. I made no-bakes tonight after having made AND eaten them ALL yesterday. Oh deary dear. Too bad sugar is an ingredient you can get all over the world.

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
"Power stranger"--ouch, Slush, you're makin' me laugh and I have the walkin-pnemonia type cough/chest thing going on--it HURTS us, master!

That is one hi-larious boy you got there. Hi. Larious.

Blogger Damselfly said...
Silly mommy! ;) Cute!