April 18, 2008
I love my gym
They allow me to pay hundreds of dollars a year to use their facilities 100 times a year (that's a very optimistic view of my gym attendance).

They have plush little orange chairs in the women's locker room, just in case you need a place to sit and relax while you finish your Wal Mart list and try not to stare at the 70 year old Asian woman who proudly walks around without a stitch on as she gets ready.

They have not yet kicked my eldest out of their childcare center, despite his abundance of 'incident reports'.

But mostly, I love my gym because when I email them about something, it always go the owner. And usually, I have a response within hours, if not minutes. It may just be, "forwarded to such and such, sent my from blackberry", but it's a response. And I'm prone to emailing people at midnight on Saturday, figuring they'll answer on Monday. So kudos to you, Mr. Gym Owner. You rock.
Blogger Katrina said...
Now that's customer service! (And 100 times is about 90 times more than I attended in the year that I held my gym membership, so kudos to you, too!)