April 16, 2008
My Thoughts About Thoughts.com
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There's a new Blogging site in town, folks.

Thoughts.com boasts that it is a place to create a free blog or personal online journal (which is what I thought a blog was, but anyway...). It allows you to decide with each post whether you want it to be public, private, or only viewable by friends and family. You can also upload photos, videos, and podcasts. There's a community forum to hang out in, too, should you wanna do so. You can even access the latest news (which appears to all be by Reuters, not that there's anything wrong with that. I just think it would be nicer to see a variety of news outlets used). It also promises free, unlimited bandwidth.

Logging into the site and setting up an account takes about a minute. Creating a blog post of your own is as easy typing it in the little box, entering the security code, and clicking on 'post'. It's pretty idiot proof, so even I was able to figure it out in seconds.

I'm not sure about the need of another site such as this, however, I will say that they have a good set up, and I would especially recommend it for someone with limited computer experience who just wanted to get their thoughts out there, but didn't want to worry about templates or html or anything like that. I would recommend it to my mom, should she announce her intention to become a blogger (she would make a fabulous blogger, no doubt). It would also be good for someone stretched for time, as it is unbelievably fast to set up. There is some potential fun to be had by perusing the popular posts, recent posts, and random posts tabs.

Go check it out at http://www.thoughts.com/
Blogger Katrina said...
We're thinking of setting Katie up with a blog that would only be viewable by a select group of friends and family (mostly Grandma). I'm not sure what kind of security--either allowing access by invitation only or making it password protected (invitation only would be easier; I hate to give anyone one more password to remember.) Do you know which blogging platforms would support something like that?