April 8, 2008
Random Thoughts
Hatchling tried to kill himself yesterday. He was in the garage helping Daddy, throwing tumbleweeds out into the yard (I don't know what they are really called, but they look like miniature tumbleweeds and they always blow in our garage). On about the tenth trip, he was gone for 4 seconds. Daddy noticed. At five seconds, Daddy went looking. He had gotten out of sight and seen the neighbor's garage door going up, so he ran over to ask where they were going. THANKFULLY, the neighbor saw him and stopped. She was so shaken up she got out to make sure everything was OK. Poor Hatchling was oblivious to his close call, but I think we got it through to him that he can't run off without asking Mommy or Daddy first. Impulse control is hard to teach, no? Ugh, I'm sick to my stomach every time I think of what I could be doing today. I'm very thankful to God for protecting my baby. Now if He could just give him some sense, we would be doing OK.


My sister is moving to Colorado in a month, and I think it is a stupid state with stupid mountains and stupid snow. As you may have guessed, I'm taking the news well. I actually watched an episode of House Hunters last night that was about Denver. I thought, well maybe this is going to be wonderful and it's God's way of making me like Denver and be excited for my sis. But no, all of the houses sucked, they were expensive, and the people were stupid. And the realtor's name was Pie. No kidding. Not confidence inspiring in the least, is it? Stupid, stupid, stupid. There, I feel better now that that's out.


We took the boys hiking for the first time last Saturday. We just went to a local trail, but of course the kids didn't care and we had a great time. We had been worried about taking Hatchling to the Buffalo River because of the bluffs (H2 is in a carrier still), so L stopped and got him a climbing harness that goes around his chest, which we then attached to one of those retractable dog leashes. I know, terrible parents, putting our kid on a dog leash. BUT, it holds up to a hundred lbs, and just using it in the woods, Daddy was able to protect Hatchling from a few falls that would have at least ended in broken skin and bruised knees. So rant and rave against me all you want, I don't care! Oh, and Hatchling loves the thing so much that he calls it his "safe", I guess because I told him it was to keep him safe, and he wears it around the house all the time!

H2 in the car on the way

At the playground at the trailhead


Both of the boys had their well checks yesterday, 18 months and 4 years. H2 is finally on the chart for height and weight, although he is only in the 5th percentile or so. Still, he's meeting all his milestones, so that is all we care about. He is healthy and happy (as long as you don't make him mad...). Hatchling is in the 75th percentile for height, and the 90something for weight. We all remember when he was off the chart for weight, so we're not worried (and he's pretty thin- I think he's just solid like his Daddy). Hatchling had to get shots, which he have decided to break up into twos based on all the autism stuff. I believe Dr Sears has a book detailing the hows and whys, if anyone is interested. We just figured, why not?


While Hatchling was at PlaySchool today, I gated H2 in his room so I could get some work done. When I went to fetch him, this is what I found:

Couldn't you just eat him?
Blogger lawyerchik said...
First part: YIPE!! Good thing Daddy was paying attention!! AND that the neighbor was paying attention, too!! When he gets older, you can point to specific hairs on your head that turned gray that day.....

Next part: Oh, no! What prompted the move? Maybe she and her family will find a place near some fun things to do, and then you and your family will be able to visit?

Part after that: Don't feel bad about the dog leash. My folks put my oldest brother on one when we went on the Boblo boat (circa 1973) for the same reason - to keep him safe!

Rest: I can't get over how much they've grown in just a short time!! :) You have a lovely family, Slush!!

Blogger Sara said...
Yes, I think he might be just what I need for a before bed snicky snack. Those little lips!!! And that mess of hair!
Sorry you hate CO so much:( But exciting for your sis!
Heck, you'll be doing all sorts of crazy skiing this winter.
Love you, dearness. Thanks for the long letter the other day. Warmed the cockles of mine hearts.

Blogger The Shan said...
Big news day Slush! Oh Noooo! I don't promote any sibling moving far away. In defense of Pie (was it?) and the others Coloradoians (pretty sure that one wasn't). I think it is BEAUTIFUL up there and a wonderful place for you too visit. I still don't condone it don't get me wrong. You are taking it much like your dear cousin Bleu Bottoms took the news of her sister leaving the country. I like loyal pouting :).
And finally yes, eating was exactly what I was wanting to do to that SWEET baby. He HAS grown! I think they are both simply delicious. I always enjoy your header when clicking upon your blog. :D

Blogger Katrina said...
Oh, man! That sent my pulse racing! Those moments of almost-tragedy are haunting, but I think every parent experiences them. Thank you, Lord, that Hatchling wasn't hurt.

Great pictures--those are some adorable kids!

Blogger Shell said...
Thank goodness for quick reflexes! God was definitely keeping an eye on Hatchling.

And your last pic ... yummy! ;-)

Blogger beth said...
Oh gosh - scary! Yay for angels!

I love CO, but um...boo on your sister for moving? Nope, can't do it - I would move to CO in a heartbeat. Sorry. But it does suck that she's leaving you behind.

The Dr. Sears Vaccine Book is awesome. And the schedule in the back that shows splitting up into twosies but still getting all the vaxes in is awesome and actually made my doc not give me grief about it because, in his words, "At least you have a reason for doing it." :)

Finally, awww...what a cutie.

Blogger Hillary said...
Yikers! So glad he's safe!

I watched that episode, too! It dperessed me cause she was like 26 and was buing a HOUSE! For $239 grand! You can BARELY get a one bedroom condo in Vancouver for that (and only if you're lucky). I'm a renter for life, I fear. Sigh. AND she got a backyard and garage. Ummm.... but right. BOO to your sister moving!

Also. Your boys are SOOOO adorable! As if you needed to be told that. :)

Blogger TNKerry said...
How terrifying!!!!! Can't imagine the heart pounding you all experienced yesterday.

And those last two pictures are PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger BlessedUtopia said...
a...a...A MONTH?!?!? I heard that she was moving but I thought it was in the distant future...A MONTH?!?!?! Wow...crazy. That baby is angelic...arn't they always when they sleep? ;) Sounds like your hands are mighty full dear cousin :)