May 14, 2008
The Iron Hath Entered His Soul
When I said this to L the other day, about Hatchling, he didn't know what it meant. Anyone have any idea where this comes from? I know it from Anne of Green Gables, you know, where you can learn everything you ever really needed to know...

And what has caused this iron, you may be wondering. Here is a recap of the story I have heard eighty-three times a day for the past week:
"Mommy, those smaller girls at the gym think that that color (pointing to something white in his line of sight) is my favorite color. They said so. But my favorite color is RED. NOT white. RED is my favorite color. But those smaller girls said WHITE is my favorite color!"
Despite my reassurances that I know his favorite color is indeed red, and that anyone with half a brain knows that white is the stupidest favorite color in the entire, whole planet, Hatchling's wounded color pride is not lessened. I'm not sure how to soothe his ruffled little feathers. On the bright side, at least pink isn't his favorite color (any more).


Yesterday, I was leaving Wal-Mart ($126 lighter, as always), and when I popped my trunk open, a big blast of wind knocked it back down where it crashed into my poor little forehead, which is now bruised and sore and whiny. Or at least the spirit residing in it is whiny, because foreheads can't whine, silly. Oh, and also, I did something to my right shoulder (feels like it is out of its little socket, but L says he thinks it is some tendon damage. L is usually right- with a head that big you've got to figure he has a brain the twice the size of a normal fella...). Anyways, it's intensely painful. Little things like wiping the counter clean or scrubbing the bathtub or picking up the baby just about make me cry. Hmmm... maybe I've just developed a sudden allergy to housework. Do you think they have shots for that?


You've all been delightfully patient waiting for my news. The snarky part of me wants to make you keep waiting, but nice Slush apparently wins today. Lucky you!

We're putting our house on the market. Bah ha ha! No really, we are. The sign has to be out before we go to bed tomorrow, cause it is in the paper on Friday. And get this- we want to move to the country. I know, I know. It's insane.

Actually, we're quite rational. We're just going to put it on the market and pray for the right buyer or if we are supposed to stay here, for no buyer at all. We like where we are, so we'll just enjoy it until someone wants it. No biggie. We're just praying for God's will to be done, whatever that may be. We usually leap first and pray later, so it's kind of a new experience for us. Who knew I'd get so laid back in my old age? My extremely decrepit old age....

When I told my mother, she said "Oh, Good Grief Slush!" I love my momma...
Blogger BlessedUtopia said...
You're so good to finally share. Poor you and your arm...ok, tell me exactly how you think it happened so I too can be allergic to housework...I havn't lifted more than a finger today, and I have nothing like your excuse. Good luck with the house! I'll keep you in my prayers (you're a BRAVE soul for wanting to move) and who wouldn't want to move to the country?!?! I love your momma too! Sure wish I could see her.

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Nuh-UH? Really--again?? Why bother buying a new house?--I think you guys should get a really, really nice motor home and then just move it around when you get that wanderlust thing going.

I'm with your mom on this one--good grief, Slush!

More power to ya . . . (Hey, I bet you could buy something nice and affordable in MyTown, hehe.)

Anonymous Tara said...
I'm one of your blog lurkers and I figured it's probably about time I commented. I don't remember how I found you (probably my curiosity about Guatemala adotption!), but I really enjoy reading your posts. Anyhow, I live in the country and I think you will LOVE it!! It can be a little insane, but it's an awe inspiring kind of insane. So best of luck with your real estate ventures! Looking forward to reading all about it!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
In order:

Psalm 105:18

Ouch! I feel for you! There is just something about a whop on the head that lingers.... Hope that the shoulder part doesn't last too long. Tell L you need massage therapy! :)

WOW! That IS news! Good luck with the listing/process of selling! (I'm envious - I would like to sell my house, but I would have to include a wheelbarrow full of cash to do so, and if I had the wheelbarrow full of cash, I would do other things besides give it to whoever would buy my house). Keep us posted on your progress, and thanks for finally spilling the beans!!

Take care, Slush!!

Blogger Shan said...
Oh you little househopper you! Just admit it! It's in your BLOOD! You love every site swapping second of it.
But your right, that is big news because last time when you wrote how you could entirely envision walking little H to school on your little community sidewalks of your (then) old neighborhood and then doing all of your one stop shopping in the surrounding areas, I believed you!
Now, I realize you just like changie change and are just organized enough to pack it all up without a second thought, which is fine(albeit shocking) as well.
J has been feeling for the country too lately. Of course the other day he whipped out something about going oversees and my eyes teared up a little with fear. BAH!
Did you catch the fever again after sister made her plan or what was the trigger?
Regardless, I trust you will enjoy the anticipation of the result. And so will we. :D