May 15, 2008
Should you need to get out of something you don't want to do, merely google "MRSA Pictures." You will promptly throw up, I guarantee it, and then you can honestly say, 'sorry, I'm sick!'

I know this, because Hatchling likes to sit around and pick at his belly button. This recently resulted in a nasty looking belly button, and also spots spreading out from his little inny. I was convinced he picked up MRSA at the gym or school and would be dead in a week. I'm definitely not the calm one in the little kingdom of Slushville, not that this will surprise any of you.

Anyway, upon looking at said pictures, I think I have decided that he got a little yeast infection on his tummy in addition to his infected belly button. The joys of motherhood are sometimes less joyful than others. (by the way, the infected button is no longer infected, but I think we need to change drugs on the other stuff. I'll be consulting my druggist this evening when he makes a house call, wink wink...)
Blogger jenro said...
OMG--adorable!!!!!!!!! Glad I FINALLY found your site! (through no help from you I might add ... snark snark snark ... :)

Blogger Loretta said...
Only Hatchling could come up with that Tink!!! Aunt Daisy!! heheheh