June 17, 2008
Excuse me?
We were on the way to the gym the other day (OK, disclaimer- we're always on the way to the gym. This isn't because I work out so much, but rather, because I don't go anywhere. The gym, WalMart, my allergy shot. That's it.), and Hatchling started telling me the following:

"When I was a little kid, just three, I rode a scooter and a rock hit me and skinned my knee. And I had a girlfriend, and we were living together, but now we're not."

Ummmm... what was that?
Blogger Katrina said...
A dream, maybe? My son, Caleb, has been having weird dreams lately, and sometimes the re-telling of them is a bit confusing to me.

He woke up crying the other day and told me he "haveded a bad dream", which he proceeded to try to explain: "There was Katie (his sister) and she pulled down a swishy thing like this (makes a motion like pulling a lever) and then there was TWO Katies!"

I was at a loss to figure out why this upset him so much until something he said the next day made me realize that in his dream his sister turned HIM into the other Katie. Considering how bossy she can be, it's not that hard a dream to analyze...lol!

Blogger Hillary said...
hehe... I love the "when I was little" bits that kids say! Perhaps he had an imaginary friend? :)

Blogger beth said...
Ah...too cute!

Our friend's almost-six year old loves to say, "When I was a baby I..." and then one up whatever our little one is currently doing. And her parents just shake their heads and question their decision to make her an only.

Which has very little to do with Hatchling...except, well, the "When Iw as little.." bit.