June 12, 2008
Blessed tagged me ages ago... but I'm a slacker... so I slacked. It's so nice to fulfill one's destiny, no? Anywho, here goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago:
Hmmmm... that would be 1998. I was moving home to get a job and pay off lots of debt that I had incurred rather irresponsibly. My mother was not happy with me. I was not happy with myself. But, I got a pretty good job, paid it all off, and was poised to meet a recent pharmacy graduate at White Water by the following summer. Vive le White Water!

5 things I had (have, it's early) to do today:
1. Wake up and feed a very persistent four year old breakfast
2. 4 loads of laundry
3. clean the bathrooms (this should have been done yesterday, but alas, the slacking....)
4. watch Rosie mop the living room (she has some trouble with the edges of the hardwood where it goes down to tile, so I really need to sit and enjoy a book whilst she works, just in case she gets in trouble...)
5. paint my toenails. This probably won't get done.

Snacks I enjoy:
Almonds (see previous post). Chai latte, cheese sticks, Coke. Drinks are snacks too, right?

If I were a Millionaire:
Well, I'd probably make L handle it, cause I don't like to be bothered with that sort of thing. I'm guessing we would be debt free, maybe take a nice trip, and invest the rest. And I'd make L promise I never had to work again, cause I like me some slacking. That's kind of the unintentional theme of today's revelations, eh?

Places I've lived:
NW and Central Arkansas. But in my mind, I've lived in loads of interesting places, so there!
Blogger Shan said...
Common themes betwixt you and I: I am a champion slacker and I too have lived in loads of interesting places in my mind. Only two places in real life. You do change houses slightly more than I do though. I only pretend I'm moving most of the time and then the slacking takes over. :D