July 29, 2008
Congress needs to get a grip
According to it's not news, it's CNN, our finely feathered elected statesmen and women are poised to get down to pressing governmental problems today, such as (shaking my magic eight ball) apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow.

Now, according to my research, and keeping in mind that my math skills are abysmal, let's take a look at what Congress is costing the American taxpayers.

The Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill for Financial Year 2008 was 3.1 billion dollars by the time it passed. Now, extrapolated (I feel super smart when I work "extrapolate" into my conversation, though I'm never sure I actually used it correctly...) over 366 days for a leap year, that works out to almost 8.5 million dollars for a day of work. Of course, we all know Congress works much less than 366 days in a year, making our bill for this sweet, but fiscally irresponsible, resolution, much, much higher. Is it any wonder that we have a deficit of, I don't know, a gazillion dollars? That's right folks, a gazillion. Closing in fast on a gazillion million.

Sure, I'm sorry about slavery. However, if I was an African-American, I'd be more sorry about losing over 8 million dollars in one day for a pansy apology that at best gives somebody warm fuzzies, and at worst keeps dollars out of the hands of people who needed it in the form of food or health care. And if I was "Rep. Steve Cohen, a white lawmaker who represents a majority black district in Memphis, Tennessee," that's exactly what I would tell my constituents. And that's why I will never ever be elected to anything. Well, that and the fact that I would rather throw myself off of a bridge than give a public speech.

Right, putting away the soapbox now.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Too bad you would rather throw yourself off a bridge than give a public speech, Ms. Slush, because that there was a good ol' fashioned stump speech if I ever heard one!! :)

["it's not news, it's CNN" - I LOVE it! :)]

Blogger BlessedUtopia said...

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Mmm-hmm, get it, girlfriend. While you're at it, share your thoughts about Nancy Pelosi TURNING OUT THE LIGHTS and TURNING OFF THE MICS in the House today, all because she didn't want to talk about gas issues--she wanted to go on vacation for five weeks! We're not even talking a VOTE--we're talking a DEBATE on the subject! Could she be fleeing for the Hamptons (or wherever those libs store their summer coffins) because she knows there are enough votes to push the issue over the edge?

Since we don't drink tea anymore (well, most of us don't), what shall we dump in the harbor in protest now? (And don't say Nancy Pelosi--that's just way too easy a set-up, that's what that is.)

Blogger PBandJ said...
It is too true how wasteful we are! Americans should know that we are obviously sorry for slavery, now let's spend some of those bucks on teaching our kids!!!