July 10, 2008
Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses...
I don't suppose there is any chance that one of my readers is a foot doctor? What is that? A podiatrist? Yeah, I was thinking probably not.

Last week, I met my cousin at my grandparent's house for a lovely lunch. We came home and I put the kids down for a nap and then started running around the house trying to get stuff done before L got home from work. I have a schedule of daily cleaning to do, you know (today is laundry, vacuuming the downstairs, and helping Rosie mop the living room. None of which is currently done. I'm too busy whining...). As I was making a pass through the living room, L's clawed foot chair leg let go of its ball and reached out and grabbed me. Uh huh, that's exactly what happened. Why don't you believe me? I went down hard. Oh my. I think I cried and I know I said some naughty words (the kids weren't there!).

After waiting about an hour for the pain to diminish (the approximate time it took me to decide I was going to be OK when I dropped a can of refried beans on the same foot last year), the pain was still intense. So I called my Dr's office and talked the nurse, who informed me I could go get an xray if I wanted, but said there wasn't usually much they could do for a broken toe. I decided not to waste my time (read: taking Heckle and Jeckle to get an xray just isn't worth it).

Over a week later, my poor little pinkie toe is still swollen, bruised, and extremely unhappy with his lot in life. He was feeling better until I tried to put a running shoe on him yesterday, and it made him so mad that he's still throbbing today. I think he's saying he wants a Mexican Coke (upcoming post). And I think I owe it to him to give him whatever he wants.

Here's a picture of him, so you can share in his sadness. Let's not talk about my bad need of a new pedicure, my overly long toes (or feet, for that matter), or all those veins you can see. No wonder mosquitoes like me. They can tell from twenty feet that I have skin the thickness of onion paper. Is onion paper a real item or did I just make that up? I'm starting to wonder if I bumped my head in that fall.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Ooooo - Slush, I'm so sorry!! As it happens, while I am not a podiatrist (or any other kind of "-trist"), I do have a friend who just had about the same thing happen to her baby toe. She said that the docs told her that, even if it's broken, there really isn't anything they can do for a broken baby toe - they don't even tape them anymore.

About all they recommend is rest, ice (for any swelling), keeping it as stable as possible, and whatever pain meds work the best for you, plus shoes that don't hurt. Takes about 4-6 weeks (I think) to heal. (I almost typed "heel" but that would have been pun-ishable.....) :)

Hope you feel better soon!!

Blogger BlessedUtopia said...
yewosa that made me all tingly it looks so owey. But...on the upside, you sure have purty feet, and oh MY that's a shiny clean floor!!!

Blogger beth said...
Oooh...OWIE! :(

Having broken toes, they really can't do anything but tape it to its brother/sister toe (you can choose the gender of the next toe in. :) ) You might try that if you think the added stability would help it hurt less.


Blogger cjoy said...
I did this two years ago (my left baby toe)...and it HURTS like things I'm not allowed to say. I'm feelin' for ya, really. The poor toe and surrounding area throbbed unbearably while I made a feeble attempt at a shower the next morning (I hit something sticking out of a doorway into the hall in the dark)...I practically had to drag it along behind me.

So, anyhow, I have a good friend who works for a podiatrist and I called for her "professional" advice (like everyone else said, not worth the cost and time of an x-ray, but yes, probably broken). At her suggestion, I used motrin, ice, elevation and taping the toe to it's sibling (as Beth suggested). Oh, and I avoided housework. The taping helped stabilize it a lot and eased the pressure. I used a lot of tape those few weeks, and while it took me a few days to get the hang of the best method, but with trial and error, it will probably help a lot.

Careful putting on shoes...!

Blogger Shan said...
Slush I FEEL your pain. And have done that as well. It sucks fo sho! But, yes, ditto the others and wait it out. It's too bad you've maimed yourself so. You coulda been a foot model you know.