July 28, 2008
Wedding Pictures
The groom arrived in a gator. This was to ensure no one messed with his car. Since both of my children were in full-on meltdown mode and we left before the happy couple, I don't know how this worked out for him. But I thought it was pretty funny...

Pre- wedding, the Angry Guatemalan enjoyed some fun with a balloon. This is long before he turned into the black olive monster. He managed to swipe the olives off of a whole long table's worth of plates before being satiated (read: screaming until his favorite great-uncle got up to get him more).

Seriously Hatchling, what's with the goofy smile?

Here's Hatchling with our family.

Here he is sneaking into the groom's family picture. He's diabolical and crafty, that one.

The giant pile of Jalepenos del Diablo. My hands are all better now.

This is my favorite pic of the happy couple!

Blogger BlessedUtopia said...
What great pictures! I love the one of him and the little girl, she is STUNNING! haha...he's so cute and angry guatamlan!!! Precious as always! Sweet sweet family...ahh...I love love :)