July 9, 2008
You Must Make These And Eat Them RIGHT NOW!
Last Friday night we had our alleyway 4th of July party (for those who don't know, our neighborhood doesn't allow front entry garages, so we have little alleys between houses and we get into the garage that way).

Our builder, who is our backdoor neighbor, used to be in a fireworks business with his brothers (one of whom is also a pretty close neighbor). When they sold the business, they made a deal where they could always buy fireworks wholesale in the future. They're big kids. But we like them... Every year they do a big bar-b-que where all the neighbors are invited, along with about half of the town (I think this year there were only about 200 people, down considerably from last year). After everyone is full and the kids are sufficiently grimey and sweaty, we settle down in our lawn chairs and watch a killer fireworks show that rivals any professional venue. I can't imagine how much they spend on fireworks- even at wholesale. Definitely more than the thirty dollars we alloted Hatchling and his little sidekick.

For the get together, we were assigned to bring buns and a side dish, based on our last name. Isn't that organized? I am so glad I was not in charge of this shindig. Thank goodness I bought a huge bag of Cheetos to go with our buns, cause when L got home and saw these, he ate almost all of them (with a teensy bit of help from me, maybe).

Now, if you don't like jalapenos, don't be afraid! I hate peppers of all shapes and sizes, but they were still delectible. The peppers are just a vessal for the cream cheese and bacon. Like little heavenly boats, sailing to your taste buds. Trust me. You won't be sorry.


Blogger Jenna Jean said...
My husband's aunt has these normally at every 4th of July party and this year she didn't! I was so sad cause they are so yummy! Thanks for the recipe, I will be making them very soon!

Blogger Katrina said...
Oh, my goodness--I am salivating after reading the recipe! If I had the stuff here right now I would be chowing down on them tonight. I guess I'm going shopping tomorrow...