August 11, 2008
Make me feel better
Am I the only one who can't get a bloody thing done when the Olympics are on?

I mean, seriously. Even though I'm in front of the computer now, I can still see and hear Olympic water polo going on. Like I care about water polo? Or even understand anything about it? I think they play it in a pool... that's about all I know.

Even Hatchling wants to watch it 24/7- and he knows who Michael Phelps is (but he thinks I could beat him, for some reason, the strange little fellow). H2 just likes to jump up and down with the crowd and clap for everything. Lucky for him that his dimple does such work on me, or I'd yell at him for clapping for the wrong team. Really, I would. H2 also likes to throw his SpongeBob ball up, up, and away and pretend we are playing volleyball. Olympic SpongeBob Living Room Volley Ball. You should try it sometime. I recommend the removal of all beverages first though, and believe me this advice is born of experience. Is that the right was to spell born when using it in this way? I'm too lazy to look it up- I mean, I am watching the Olympics people. Yeah.

Hatchling has impetigo. We went last Monday and got antibiotics, we are going back today to see if we need more. My poor baby looks much less cute than normal, though I still find him rather fetching.
Blogger Katrina said...
Poor Hatchling! Hope that impetigo clears up soon! (It's a fun word to say, though: impetigo.)

Enjoy those Olympics, I say--it's not like they come along every day.

Blogger PBandJ said...
My husband is obsessed with the olympics and so is everyone at work; I think I have seen part of every single event so far... only once every four years, though...

Blogger Jill said...
Rachel was practicing to win "20 Golden Medals" the other day because she wanted to by like Michael Phelps. Way to dream, Baby Girl. :)