August 28, 2008
It doesn't really do any good to drag your poor, very sore from pilates, body to the gym for swimming laps if you are just going to take it right back home and feed it most of a box of mac and cheese and a big coke. I'm just saying. My stupidity, and perhaps my bottom, know no bounds.
Blogger Katrina said...
I have a little trouble with the exercise/reward system, too. I tend to succumb to the "I've earned it" line of reasoning all too easily. That said, from what I can see of you in the pictures you've posted, you don't have much to worry about!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Hey, hey, hey! You EARNED that mac and cheese and big coke! Stupidity would be skipping the exercise and going straight for the mac/cheese/coke combo. :)