September 9, 2008
Me Car's Bum...
Ok, first of all, check out the comment on the last post (Comrade Obama). If liberals knew how delighted I was whenever they left snarky comments and were too squemish to do so without the veil of anonymity, they just wouldn't bother. Seriously, it makes my day laughing at them. Not because of their ideology, but because of their timidity. So there.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled run down of my trip to WalMart this week. And fear not, Shannon, I know not only where a WalMart is in Waikiki, but it also has a Sam's Club upstairs which sells wine and all sorts of almost live seafood that I would never consider putting in my body. So you'll no doubt hear at least something from there.

Yesterday, as we were leaving the WalMarts, I stopped to let some pedestrians pass in front of me. I do that sort of thing. I haven't squashed anyone in years. Anywho, I looked into my rearview mirror just in time to see a ginormous truck (a Ford, in case you were wondering) smash into me car's bum. It was backing up, and there was a big box in the back so they couldn't see out their window to my dink little Honda. A big scrape and a small dent in the trunk thanks to their hitch ensued. Information was exchanged and I was on my way.

Later in the afternoon, after the boys had their naps, we headed down to the car repair place for an estimate. While we were waiting, H2 was kind enough to pull a bunch of magazines off of a table and onto the floor, throw himself down on the floor kicking and screaming and then continued to scream while we went outside to look at the damage, while we sat in the office and waited for the estimate, and the whole time I was putting him into the car to leave. As soon as we left, he was all smiles (please start praying about our flights to and from Hawaii. Oh my...). Of course, by then I felt like screaming ($1200 was the estimate). I called L, all weepy and frazzled and in need a fainting couch, stat. As usual, L talked me down, decided to come home rather than go to the gym so that he could deal with his high strung wife, and fixed everything.

And that's that.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Blogger Sara said...
Why Waikiki? I'm curious? Plans to take up residents there? Sorry about your car's rear. That's a bummer. Hardy har.
I'm so proud of you for having so many miles on your car!!! That shows great strength of character in my book. Ha.
Whats with the nasty commenter? Do you know this person...and why did he/she make up fake names for you and your husband? Don't they know that Slush is REALLY your name? Freak.

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Right- so I'm deleting the comment before this because it has my real name in it. It says "Slush, I think it's a hoot that you criticize others for remaining anonymous, when you and L don't even use your own names on your blogs. Give me a break."

Anon- the reason we don't use our real names is for security reasons. I'm not going to have pictures of my sweet babies out there for anyone to google my address and come and steal them. Crazy? Probably. But if you know my mother, you know I come by it naturally. If you don't know my mother, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Might that also explain why others that post on blogs from time to time might choose to do the same thing?

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
You know, it might. But when I comment on something, at least someone can go to my blog and see my picture and leave me a nice or nasty message, depending on how they feel. Anon posts take away any chance of doing that. Not that I would leave a nasty message for anyone, I'd just like to know who I'm talking to.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Slush,

Well, to add another perspective to this discussion, it’s your weblog so you can pretty much post whatever you want. But let’s be realistic here. Even if a person who posts a comment uses a photograph and a valid email address, you’ll never know for certain who that person is. (Where did that word “avatar” originate, by the way?) And think about your comment “Not that I would leave a nasty message for anyone…” Isn’t referring to Senator Obama as “Comrade” while displaying the hammer and sickle the same as calling him a Communist? I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty nasty. I’m a Main Street Republican who wants to vote for McCain, but after hearing the snide (“snarky”?) remarks from Governor Palin in the last few days, I’m finding it very hard to hold my nose and pull the lever. How come we can’t just listen to the candidates discuss the issues, without having to hear all this talk about community organizing, POW experience, and “I just told them ‘No thanks’” nonsense ad nauseum.” I voted for Bush (twice, I’m afraid) but am ashamed at the way he and his friends have behaved themselves. It's not the GOP I grew up believing in. What if everything was politicized to the point where every government employee had to sign a loyalty oath to the administration of the day? Imagine if our garbage collectors, or our schoolteachers, or our department of transportation workers, or the people caring for our wounded soldiers first had to prove themselves as loyal Democrats or Republicans in order to keep their jobs. We’d be just like any other third-rate, third-world country.

And can’t we just keep politics out of your otherwise funny and delightful blog?

Another anonymous

PS – please give your mother a big hug

Blogger PBandJ said...
Sorry to hear about your car; I usually maintain my calm in the face of pressure... except when it comes to my car. If anything goes wrong I automatically melt down! Hopefully she throws a little cash your way, though.

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Anon 2:
It IS her blog and she can post any dang thing she wants--politics or not. Sheesh. I, for one, love when she waxes political. If you don't like it, don't read it. Sheesh again. And if you don't think the Dems wouldn't LOVE a country where people had to sign a fealty oath to them, you're living in a dream, honey.

To both the anons: this whole, "Why don't YOU use your real name?" thing is ridiculous. Many people don't use their "real" names on blogs for just the reasons Slush mentioned. But as she said, there is a difference between protecting yourself from weirdos on the web and protecting yourself from responsibility for your comments. At the least, you could make her happy by signing your posts "Mary" or something, rather than "Anon."

Signing "anon" just seems so weenie . . .

Blogger Shan said...
Whoa! It's heatin' up in this kitchen yo! I'm just going to sit back and sing the Coke-a-Cola song now and sip on one until these things are resolved. I think it's kinda funny that you might be arguing with close relatives in a secret way. Politics make for such tricky business.
I agree that Slushy should be able to post whatever she dern well pleases though. And sorry but our young handsome Senator IS speaking of extremely Socialistic/Communist ideas. I don't want my money to be taken from me for whatever he decides I should do with it. And he is most definitely not our next Savior with Palin playing the part of Pontius Pilate. Ugga! (as my youngist likes to say)

Blogger Katrina said...
I'm with you. I also refrain from posting my last name or any identifying details on my blog for security reasons, too. That's not the same as trolling others' blogs anonymously.

And I don't think that comparing Obama to a communist is a "nasty remark" so much as a cautionary point. At the very least, he's a bona fide socialist. Check out his votes and his ideas, anon.

Politics and family do make for a very sticky business. I have some Grandparents who swear they're Democrats, but all the articles they forward on to me for my edification are chock full of conservative ideas! I think they're still living in the Demo party of fifty years ago. :)

Love ya, Slush!