October 16, 2008
Ho Hum... I wish for a bottle of rum
Don't you hate it when you haven't posted in so long that you feel the need to wait and post about something entertaining or witty or funny? And you keep waiting, but none of these things happens, and the pressure keeps mounting the longer and longer you wait? And finally you just give in and post about something crappy (or in this case, nothing), just to feel the pressure relieved? And gee, why are you guys so mean? You must be mean if I feel this pressured. Or perhaps that is my delusions of grandeur getting in the way again. Or maybe just plain old boring delusions. Whatever.

So, we got over being jet lagged. Thank goodness, since that was like a month ago or something. Still no pictures. I rock, I know. We've been sick, gotten flu shots, been sick again, and moved the little guy to his toddler bed after we discovered that his incessant rocking on his hands and knees (squeak, squeak, squeak) was leaving a little pile of graphite/metal shavings/black stuff around the base of each crib leg. The trauma of it has all been too much, and there has been much swooning in my vicinity.

In other news, I think I'm into aprons now. They appeal to my old-school attitudes and cover my problem areas. I ordered a pattern and have one upstairs that I'm ready to start working on. My aprons are going to pretty and serviceable. Or so I'd like to think, on both counts. Today I decided to do a homeschooling pre-k curriculum with Hatchling. Homeschooling also appeals to my old timeyness, but it's not a long-term solution for us. L says I have to get my rear back to work one of these days. Anyway, I ordered the P4/5 from Sonlight. That should prove interesting. But I love all the books that come with, and we're looking forward to some more structured reading time. And by we, I mean me. And myself. And her. And yes, I'm a little late in the year, but I work better under pressure. And Hatchling has no idea when the school year is, so he won't know if it goes a little longer than it should. Bwah ha ha...
Blogger beth said...
There isn't an apron big enough to cover my problem areas, I feel, but if you get into industrial tents, let me know. :)

I've heard awesome things about the Sonlight curriculum - let us know how it goes.

I thought of you today as I bought my first Roomba off Craigslist. Havent' used it yet, but I think I may already be addicted.

Blogger Laura Lee said...
Good for you! I've been drooling over the books in that Sonlight Core... I remember several of them from when I was growing up. My philosophy? I haven't "met" you before, but I'm guessing you've taught Hatchling how to walk and talk and eat, and eventually to tie his shoes at some point. Adding a few things like learning to read and loving great books makes perfect sense to me. You're the perfect one for the job because you know him so well! So whether this experiment continues or not (careful, you might get addicted), I think this will be a great adventure for both of you. If not, you could "virtually" roll my front yard for being too optimistic ;)

Blogger BlessedUtopia said...
YOU have problem areas?? PUHlease!!! I'd give anything to have "problem areas" like you!

Blogger Luke said...
May you enjoy your structured reading time! I always love bumping into a Sonlight family. [smile]