October 31, 2008
Slush Goes to Hawaii, Volume II
This was the view from our condo's balcony. Though we were supposed to have an ocean view, there was a plumbing problem at our original condo and we were moved across the street to another unit at the last minute. This was sad for us, as we had picked our Hawaii home based on the 6th floor playground our condo offered, but c'est la vie. We still went over and used the playground a couple of times, and we got free parking and internet for our troubles. And I'm all about the savings, kids. As if you didn't know that already. Anywho, it was a nice change to have a lovely view of the mountains. Every afternoon a big shower would work itself up high up there above us, and it made for some pretty scenery and lots of rainbows. It was fun to see at night with all the lights from the houses, too.

Here's our pool as seen from our balcony. Those shadowy things are sea turtle mosaics in the tile of the pool. They even gave them shadows so they looked pretty cool. A tiny mosaic pool is the most deadly, slippery thing ever. I know this because as I tried to ease myself in the shallow end, the foot I put in the pool slipped sideways, sending me tumbling into the pool headfirst. It was not only graceful, but bordering on gifted. Oh, and the pool was pretty crowded at the time. I wrenched my poor broken pinky toe and it hurt even worse than when I originally broke it back in July. L was sorry to have missed all this. I'm not sure what he was looking at, probably some chick in a bikini.

Hatchling playing appropriately, as ever.

Here's what the little one did for pretty much our whole time in Hawaii. After five or ten minutes of play, he was ready to sit on my lap and be rocked. Oh yes, and I know I look terrible. Two pictures L took of me on our entire trip. Neither are good.

My sleeping beauties. Hatchling on his "special couch bed"

And the tiny pumpkin. He put this hat on himself. We like to call him Gangsta'