October 31, 2008
Slush Goes to Hawaii, Volume III
A day on Waikiki Beach.

This is one of my favorite shots. This is what we call "the position". H2 assumes it anytime he sees his big brother coming. He would be a good linebacker. Except that he's so stinkin' little. Anyway, I think it's hilarious. He's knows H1 is behind him somewhere, and he's worried. No doubt, he should be.

I like for L to park us next to this rock wall. It's a natural barrier to our frisky children. Assuming they don't get beaten into it by a wave. But I figure that would just slow them down a little.

And this is why he doesn't trust that pesky big brother of his...

L took H1 surfing while I held H2, who was of course crying and screaming after 10 minutes of fun. He didn't feel well the whole trip, poor fella.

Blogger sansflancture said...
child id soo cute

Blogger sansflancture said...
child is soo cute