October 1, 2008
I'd like to say I'm writing this from Oahu, where we have decided to stay and never, ever leave. Alas, that is untrue. I did decide to stay and never, ever leave, but then I bought a gallon of milk for $7.59 (using the Food Lion discount, which the cashier was kind enough to grant me when I explained we were mainlanders. He had pity on my sticker shock. I mean, I buy my milk at Sam's to save 30 cents a gallon, and even without that it's only 3 something or other). After I bought some milk, I picked up some real estate books. You know, with the depressed real estate market I hear about on the news every night, I thought maybe we would have a chance of being able to afford something in Hawaii now. Reality has a way of slipping away from me when I am in Hawaii. It's a sickness. I should immediately be sent there until I can get over it. Shouldn't medicaid or somebody pay for that? Island Reality Loss Disorder Syndrome. IRLDS? It's real folks, and it's scary. Anyway, I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to live in Hawaii, I should never have had children. It's a little late for that realization, cause the cow's already out of the barn. Or something. And speaking of cows, someone needs to import some dairy cows and help those islanders out. Sheesh.

So I'm home, and I would show you some pictures to prove that I actually went, but alas, I haven't finished downloading them yet. I know, I'm a slacker. I came home (reluctantly) (but not crouched at the starting line) and betwixt my disgust at being at someone else's less clean than my house condo for a week (it wasn't dirty, just not like I would clean it, you know?) and the spider army which had moved in my house and needed to be destroyed (seriously, is this worst year for spiders ever, or is it just me?), I decided it was a good time for Fall Spring Cleaning Week. Or Spring Fall Cleaning Week. I can never decide which one I like better. And yes, FSCW/SFCW is just a week of spring cleaning that you do in the fall, in case you didn't know. And I know, I could just call it Fall Cleaning Week, but that doesn't make my spine tingle, and when you clean so hard that you have seriously sore thigh and arm muscles for 4 or 5 days straight, you need all the spine tingling you can get. Oh yes, it's true. And it's not that the cleaning is that hard, it's that I'm that wimpy. But we're not going to talk about that today. The good news is that I am almost done. Hooray! The bad news is that I am cleaning the upstairs (read: the boy's rooms) tomorrow. And they're dirty little buggers, those boys of mine. Oh, so very dirty. In fact, they are literally dirty. It's just occured to me that I'm not sure I've given them a bath since, well, Hawaii. Let us hope that I just can't remember it in the jet lagged fog of my last few days (we're all over it now, I think). And I promise to dip them both in some water tomorrow for good measure, OK? So get off my back.

Am I rambling? We're also hosting community group (which is like a Sunday School/ bible study thing with food, in case anyone doesn't know) at our house Sunday night, and I've decided to make Indian food for dinner. Why not make the hardest thing you know how to cook when you have 8 other couples coming over for dinner? So I have to go shopping, again, tomorrow. And I have to start marinating on Friday, and I have lots of cooking to do on Saturday and then a fair amount to do on Sunday. Because I am insane people, that's why. I should also probably decide when H2's birthday party is, cause he will be 2 on Tuesday. I love it when they are little and don't know that you suck as a mom.

And speaking of sucking as a mother.... I was cleaning away whilst listening to my ipod yesterday while the kids were sleeping. And I was really enjoying the soundtrack to the Scarlet Pimpernel (Aside from my passionate love of all things Pimpernel, Terrance Mann's Where's the Girl? is enough to make me swoon every single time I hear it. Oh my...). And I as sang quite boisterously, "Here, here, the man's a horses ass!", wouldn't you know that Hatchling came into the room. He just looked at me and asked for some milk, but I'm waiting for him to bring that up in dinner conversation. Probably when our community group is here . Rock on.
Blogger TNKerry said...
You make me laugh...outloud even. I think Hawaii keeps everthing purposefully inflated to keep the rest of us away. They want their "visit" cash to roll in, but don't really want all of us to decide to stay awhile. Can't blame them. The islanders probably shop at some hidden grocery store and shopping mall with normal prices and laugh at the rest of us who don't know better. :)

Blogger Shan said...
Do they bottle laughter over there in the Hawaii's? You brought some back and plunked it on your blog for us, how sweet. I really needed some amusement this morning as the world around me is hopping in the hand basket wearing bikini's and heading SOUTH. DANG IT ALL!!! I'm tempted to whip out one of your SP curse words and just let er rip!

Don't worry I'm just venting because excepting your fabulous trip and impending Indian food. I've heard nothing but negative news all week. plllllllllllll

Ok feeling better now. Hope you get your work done Slush! Careful on the over achievement! ;)

Blogger PBandJ said...
Glad you're back and making us laugh again! Too much fun! Eeesh about the milk; Peanut drinks so much milk we would be bankrupt after a week on the Island.