November 5, 2008
Colorado or Bust
The car is packed, the children are already asking how long it will take to get there (OK, actually only Hatchling is asking, but I'm sure H2 would if he could say it. His eyes are asking...), and I think we're ready to go. We're heading out in just a few minutes with my mom, and leaving poor little L here by himself. He leaves Saturday for Mexico, and we get back Sunday. We're like two ships passing in the night. He'll be gone for a week, and our combined trips will be the longest we have ever been apart. :(

But I get to see my sister and munch on my niece, so all is not lost!
Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Have fun, be safe, hug your sis for me.

Blogger BlessedUtopia said... pictures of your packing process this time?? ;-) love you, yes, kiss that sis for me too.