November 17, 2008
Three Things
1. I joined Facebook today. I've been getting nice little prompting emails from people for a long time, but L finally gave in and joined and I felt required to sign up and make sure he didn't have a Facebook girlfriend. OK, not really on that last part. I'm just a joiner. I think it's because I've always wanted to be cool, but have fallen so short. Undoubtedly, Facebook will be no different. Anyway, it's opened up a whole new way for me to waste hours of time that I don't in fact have to waste. Awesome. Plus, it makes me feel popular without even having to leave the comfort of my house (or jammies, for that matter), which is high up on my scale of things I love.

2. Hatchling had an epiphany today on the way to the gym. "Mommy! I know what I'm going to be when I grow up! A clown!!! Because I like to make people happy (I didn't tell him that my crowd thinks clowns are creepy). But I need a clown nose. And some pants, and a shirt, and some big shoes. I think we need to go to a clown store. Do you know where a clown store is? Can we drive around all day tomorrow and find a clown store? I know! I bet they have clown stores at carnivals. And I know where a carnival is! My park! (the Grape Festival). Do you think it will rain next year at my park carnival (we were rained out of rides this year)? Cause I really need some clown stuff. It doesn't usually rain? Great. My plan is set!" This is at least a step up from garbage man. And just so you know, the talking.never.ends. Never, ever. And if you just nod and go along, there is no telling what you will have agreed to.

3. I managed to talk L into letting me homeschool Hatchling, at least for a couple of years. I pulled out all kinds of statistics and whatnot, because we all know what a research geek I am. The government should hire me for something. I'm very efficient. I wish I had some great reason about benefits and whatnot to tell you, but I don't. I just feel like it's what I should do. Because I find that making important decisions based on emotions is where it's at. OK, maybe not. I'm super-duper excited about it. And a little overwhelmed. And scared that the responsibility for his education now rests in my slackardly hands. How will he learn anything now that I've found Facebook? So, I'm psyching myself up for kindergarten. And Hatchling is delighted, because he wanted me to go to school with him anyway. He will be in a thing probably one whole day a week with other kids, so it's not as if he'll be by his lonesome. Plus, he'll have the companionship of his winsome, though currently whiny, little brother. So please, no whining about socialization. What's this? You have to manually click for spell check now? I thought I was being a remarkably proficient speller tonight. But no, no I wasn't.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
The clown.... (sigh!) At least he will be a hit with his friends! :) (OK, until about 6th grade.....) Alas, I speak from experience.

Blogger Luke said...
If you'd like another friend, I'd be happy to be yours:


Blogger BlessedUtopia said...
I'm thrilled you're homeschooling!! Socializim is such a tired argument. Look at WHOM he would be sociliazing with! Thanks but no thanks. And bravo that you're scared! The scared is what'll keep you going on the days when facebook is calling your name (i know from experience...s a d l y)