November 25, 2008
A Very Important Quest
Hatchling recently learned about marriage. I mean, he knew that Mommy and Daddy were married, but beyond his needs being met, it didn't have much importance to him. Then I mentioned that when he grew up, he would probably marry a girl and then they would be a mommy and daddy. He nodded and continued to knock down Lego towers. He had moved on.

A few days later, Hatchling informed me that he had decided who he was going to marry! It was me- because I cook a lot and take care of him. All was well until he let Daddy in on his big plan while we were on the way to Sam's, home of Friday night dates and cheap milk. L dashed those hopes pretty cruelly (I thought), and Hatchling was left sobbing puddles in the backseat. Being the loving parents we are, we assured him that it was OK, that we would help him find a nice girl, and that we were already praying for her, even though we don't know who she is. Then he spotted Sam's in the distance and wondered if he and Daddy were sharing tea or lemonaide?

On another day still, Hatchling said, "Hmmm... I wonder what kind of girl I'm going to marry?" I told him I hoped that she was very sweet, loved God, and would take good care of him. He thought those were all good things to look for, and also she needs to like taking care of babies, because he thinks he wants a couple of those when he grows up. Then he wanted to know if he really, for sure, had to eat all the vegetables on his plate. Because some little boys don't have to eat all of their vegetables. Their mommies don't make them. I informed him that those little boys don't live in my house.

Saturday, we were going to a birthday at Fun City. Do they have those everywhere? It's like a Chuck E Cheese knock off, which is ultra close to our house and which, until Saturday, we had managed to hide from the children. I know, we're stellar parents. Anyway, early in the day I told Hatchling where we would be going, and that it was for a birthday party of a little girl he didn't know, but that L and I knew her parents. He was thoughtful for a few minutes, and then wanted to know her name. I told him I thought it was Paige, but there were three girls and I wasn't positive which birthday we were actually celebrating. Hatchling smiled and said, "Don't worry Mommy. I'll tell her my name is Hatchling and ask what her name is. Then I'll ask her if she believes in Jesus and if she likes to take care of babies. If so, she can marry me when we grow up."

So now we have a creepy four year old going around asking all the little girls if they believe in Jesus and like to take care of babies. Rock on.
Blogger Shan said...
HA! Do you even know what to make of that little smarty? :D He is SO full of personality and spunk! Are you feeling better about the tv incedent? That punch me right in the pocketbook when I read what happened. Boys eh? They are really something!

Blogger Hillary said...
I love it! SO cute - and Shan is right, SUCH a little smarty mc smartypants!

Ah, why can't the search be that simple???

Blogger PBandJ said...
Ah, they grow up so fast... hopefully he slows down just a little bit, though, for your own sanity. Good luck!

Blogger Katrina said...
Hahaha! That is so priceless! Don't worry--with any luck, the creepiness will scare the girls off for a few more years, until you're ready to share his affections. :) I love the way those little minds work!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
How precious!! I hope that you are keeping track of all of your blogposts on the little darlings so that when they do, finally, start interviewing prospective Missuses, you can tell those stories (after a suitable interval, of course. You don't want the poor boys to be hopelessly dateless because of their parents.....) :)

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
He is such a corker, that boy. Love 'em.
MyBoy used to say he was going to marry me when he grew up. I'd reply, "Well if you are going to marry me, then who is going to marry Daddy?"
He'd always shrug and say, "Somebody else."

Tell L not to worry and let him make his Oedipal marriage plans--he will SO grow out of that . . . (MyBoy shudders every time I remind him now.)

Blogger TNKerry said...
too funny. I love it!

Blogger Luke said...
Well, starting that early in the quest may lead to more heartbreak, but it will also open him up to learning to love and expand his heart... so I'm with you: Rock on!