December 16, 2008
God's Little Warrior
Hatchling has been having some trouble at the gym of late. Or rather, he has been getting in trouble. We've been practicing at home how to handle situations, such as being pushed, having toys taken away, or even being called "Bad Hatchling" by a bunch of kids. We're so proud. And while he knows what to do in these situations, he continues to forget to stop and think before reacting (read: knocking the crap out of the offending child).

This morning we were talking about the different kinds of things that might happen while we were driving to the gym. I reminded Hatchling that something someone does or says is not a reason to hit them, shove them, or do anything else that will land you in time out. In response, Hatchling told me the whole story that I've been hearing little pieces of for the last week or so.

"But Mommy! Some boy told me that God isn't real. He doesn't believe in Him! And I told him he better, or he can't go to Heaven. And he told me that I was stupid, and I'm going to die and just stay dead. And I told him maybe he would die and stay dead, but I'm going to Heaven to see my family, and to live with God and Jesus. And he said nuh-uh, so I pushed him. And then he pushed me. And then I knocked him down, and I had to go to time out. But why would he not believe (be-weave) in God? That just doesn't make sense."

And while pushing someone down isn't the best way to go about evangelizing, I'm proud of my boy for standing up for what he believes in. And I'm so sad for the little boy who doesn't believe in God. What a dark, dark world this would be without the knowledge of the one true Light.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Hatchling spent a little time in time out today because he couldn't sweet talk some kid out of a toy he wanted to play with. We definitely have some room for improvement.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Good for Hatchling! Tell him that Miss Cheryl is proud of him, too!! :) (But it probably is best to not push people or hit them anyway....)

Blogger Sara said...
My mom told me that story!! He is an amazing kid, Slush! What a mind he has.
I like that form of evangelizing myself, but not sure if its winked upon in most church circles.:)
Was it your hubby who said thats how the crusades started? Ha ha.