December 7, 2008
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Apparently, turning two really flipped a switch in my good child. Oh, I know, both of my children are basically good. But one is, well, quite a handful. Don't worry, I wouldn't change him for all the boring good kids in the world. But it was nice to have an easy one. H2 has always been that easy one. Until now, when all bets are off. For example:

This was the sight that greeted me after I got up from my Sunday afternoon nap. We're used to H2 making a lot of noise, so it really didn't phase us when we heard lots of banging and slamming. Kind of like last night, about 3, when he opened his door, turned his light on, and started yelling, "Helloooooo!! Dadadada!!!" The little bugger never, ever says mama. Why is that? Where's the love H2?

Here's a closer look. This is the changing table, minus the topper. The drawer was opened so all the socks could be spread about, which is one of H2's favorite pastimes. You'll notice the big basket? There are usually two of those full of diapers, which are also spread out all over the room each time I leave him unsupervised. They're blessedly empty right now, but in about a day I'm going to have to break down and open the big box I got at Sam's the other night. I'm so looking forward to picking those up again and again and again and again... I would just leave them on the floor, but our house is on the market so I have to clean his room every time I go get him. And every morning and after every nap, his room looks pretty much like this. Minus the spilled furniture.

H2 was clearly exhausted by the havoc he had wreaked. I find pulling over furniture and spreading socks around (notice the new pair by his little head?) really tires me out too. Oh, and the drumming. Now what could I have possibly been thinking when I purchased him a drum last Christmas? Not that I'm opposed to drumming in general, it's just when it's happening at 6 in the morning, like it did today, that I have issues with it.

Too bad I didn't take a picture of his dresser while I was up there. He has actually managed to remove and dismantle the second one from the bottom. For days, every time I would go into his room he would pick up a screw and hand to me and say "no, no" while shaking his head sorrowfully. I had no idea where they were coming form, till one morning I found the drawer removed from the dresser with the little rolly/slider things off. I have no idea how he managed that. He was actually sitting in the drawer when I caught him, and I can only assume he was acting out the three men in the tub, as Curious George and Bear were also present in the drawer. I'm not sure which one was the candlestick maker.
Blogger Shan said...
Aye yie yie Slushy! You have TWO very powerful children now don't you? Is it the oats giving them that extra kick they need? Man.

On that note.....I have a behavioral specialist (friend of hubby) at my house right now who is studying my darling little one to see if he can help his teachers know what to do with him at school. Shall I send the Guru over Red Rover style once we are done with him?

Boys. They can be so rascally! :) Hang in there!

Blogger Sara said...
I have bugs crawling all over my computer...and my signal is about to die...oh the pressure!
Ha..what a devilishly funny story that was. Whats up with your crahazy kids! I think they must get it from you. You always had that face of mischief as a babe.
Love you. Happy LATE thanksgiving.
(ps. Izzy just read this whole note by herself)

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Shan, I would terrified of what a behavioral specialist would discover at our house. The authorities would no doubt be called, and the door would most likely be answered by a 4 year old in his spiderman underoos... if they were lucky. Yikes. Why do boys love to be naked? H2s other new thing is taking one diaper strap off so it works its way down around his ankle and he get the thing off. Which would be fine, if he would sit on a potty or something.

Sara! You know, I used to have a cousin named Sara. She lived in Africa and the internet died and we presume she is with Dr. Livingston. I love you too!!!!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
I know you know this already, Slush, but ... welcome to the terrible twos! :) (and yes, boys for some reason love to be naked. My oldest brother was the neighborhood streaker when he was about that age, and my youngest brother did not wear pants at all for a while - it did help him with the potty training, though.)

Good luck!! ;)