December 11, 2008
True Confession Thursdays...
Every time I see George Foreman's face on something, I spend a few minutes wondering how they made him look so good. I mean, he was looking pretty bad back when he lit the torch at the Olympics. And then I remember- different boxer. OK, and actually I'm not even sure they are both boxers. And I think we should change the name to pugilists. I like it better.

Hmmm... Hatchling just informed me that he'd be willing to forgo underpants so I don't have to do so much laundry. Interesting.
Blogger Sara said...
I have no thoughts on your thoughts on george. I"m pretty sure being air brushed is the answer to all his ailments.

As for the underpants, I think you should by all means, take hatchling up on it. You may never get such a selfless offering again.