January 28, 2009
Depending on who you listen to, this is either the worst ice storm in NW Arkansas in a decade or a lifetime. Personally, I can't remember a worse one, but then what do I know? I'm but a spry 34.

We knew it was coming, so the boys and I had all of our errands run and were safely snuggled up by the fireplace by noon on Monday when it started. We haven't left the house since, and have no plans to until at least tomorrow. Maybe not until Friday. Here are some very boring pics for you to look at. What can I say? I don't have much to offer today.

This is my poor rose tree. I'm not sure it will come back from this...

My grill cover blew off and is on the ground over there by the chairs. Lovely.

I'm worried about this little fella. Please don't break little tree!

We do still have power, which is amazing. All the surrounding areas have lost power, most of them yesterday. Ours flashed a few times yesterday, and then it went off for about an hour just as I was cooking dinner, of course. I ended up scrambling the boys some eggs over the gas logs and then using a cast iron skillet over the same logs to melt some cheese for L to have some nachos. I'm such a pioneer. Thank goodness I spent all those hours watching Little House on the Prairie as a child. You know, without power, it can get 3rd world real quick. I'm thankful our outage was over soon and that we haven't had any more problems. Here's hoping it stays that way. Now if limbs would just stop breaking and sounding like gunfire outside, I'd be doing just swell!
Blogger Lynellen said...
Ice is so deadly, but it is SOOOOOOO beautiful. I LOVE the trees with the glaze ice. And my what impressive icecicles! Wow those are long! Pretty!! Stay safe.

word verification: rationif ... remember to ration if things get worse.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Holy cow - Slush! I'm surprised you can still type with such freezing going on.... Fingers being such small bits of the body, I would have thought they, too, would have frozen and broken off.... (OK, I'm kidding. A little.)

Still, to see that frozen wonderland out there is a truly beautiful sight. As long as you don't have to drive in it....

Stay warm, guys!!

[My verification word is: fariperh - I think it means "fairy land" in Google. Which is quite appropriate for your pictures! :)]

Blogger Shan said...
Did I see on fb that you have since lost power? We did for a day and then it came back. Siloam looks like Jack Frost flattened the place! Our yard is full of broken tree! Eek! But I do love this electricity and internet connection. Stay warm Slush!

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
I talked to your mumsy today and she told me is still without power! I can't believe it--poor Nin!

That was a humdinger of a storm all right.

Anonymous Sarah said...
Wow, there is literally an icicle on everything. It's very beautiful though. But we've had some very bad ice here too (in Michigan).

We took down our gutters last summer to paint our soffits so we didn't have gutters this winter. We literally had icicles that were 4-5 feet long hanging off our roof. It was crazy. It's getting a little better now...but then again it is Michigan so forecasting whether is practically pointless. :-P