March 25, 2009
I'm feeling grumpy and out of sorts today. This is assuming that you classify 'today' as the last 4 or so 24-hour periods. I'm extra tired and sleepy, I have no motivation to do much of anything, I'm tired of cooking exciting,delicious and nutritious meals for my family, and I want to run and hide from my children. Oh, and L hurt my feelings yesterday and I'm totally not over it. Don't you wish you could spend some time with me today?

In other news, I can no longer make fun of people with addictions. Hello, my name is Slush and I'm addicted to coke. Coca Cola, that is. Seriously. We don't keep it in the house because I can't be left alone with it. Because of this, as I drive around town, I think of all the places I could 'swing by' on the way home and order a Coke. Fast food places, gas stations, drug stores, supermarkets. There is literally Coke on every corner, just waiting to delight my taste buds. Today as I was driving I decided that a fitting end would be for me to crash into a Coke truck (without my children present, obviously), have my moonroof broken and then have Coke from the truck pour into my car before I could escape, drowning me in that caramel colored liquid (probably preserving me, too).

There's a scary look at my brain today. And now I'm off to take Hatchling's new to him jammies out of the washer and put them into the dryer so they are ready for bedtime, collect the little one from his late nap, and make a delicious and nutritious meal for my family. Exciting, not so much.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Actually, Slush, I would love to spend time with you today - it would be better than spending time by myself (although Tanner is not exactly chopped liver....).

Hope tomorrow is a better day!!