March 18, 2009
Guest Post
Dear Mommy's Friends,

This is Hatchling. I'm writing you to ask you to please stop eating chickens. Chickens make eggs, and I love egg in a hole. I love it a lot. And if you eat all of the chickens, there will be no more eggs. Also, chickens work really hard to make eggs for us, and that is nice. And I bet it hurts their feelings when we kill them and eat them after they do all that work. So please don't eat chickens. I am also praying to God that people will stop eating chickens, because I really love egg in a hole.

Thank you,

(egg in a hole is where you cut a hole in a piece of bread and throw it in a pan of butter, then you break an egg in the hole and cook it up good. My kids think it is the best thing I make... not sure what that says about me...)
Blogger Luke said...
Welcome to the blogosphere, Hatchling!

I'm glad you took the time to write about your convictions. May you always be so passionate [smile].

Rest assured, however, that you are not in danger of losing your eggs. Different chickens are raised for different needs, some so we can have tasty chicken meals and some so we can have tasty eggs. I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly but I think they are called "Feed Chickens" and "Laying Chickens," respectively.

I do think that we should treat chickens well, because I think that is part of being a good steward and using our resources well. That is why my wife and I buy cage-free eggs... plus, they taste better [smile].

May you long enjoy your egg in a hole!


Blogger lawyerchik said...
Awww! Hatchling, that is so very sweet of you to think of the chickens!! Bless your little tender heart!!

If it helps at all, this is what my mommy and daddy (and my grandpa) told me: if nobody eats the chickens (OK, in my case, we were talking about deer), they would breed and breed and have lots of babies.

Then, there would be too many of them, and there wouldn't be enough food for them to eat, so they would starve, which is a very difficult way for chickens to die. (It's a terrible way for anyone to die, but we're just looking at the chickens).

This way, they get to provide food for people, they live decent lives (free range ones do, anyway), and when their time comes, it's quick and they get to provide food to other of God's creatures.

I agree - it isn't perfect, but until Jesus comes back, it's the way your mommy and daddy take care of you and your baby brother, and how other mommies and daddies take care of their own little ones so that they grow big and strong.

I hope that you get lots of "egg in the hole" this week!!

With love from, your Mommy's friend, Miss Cheryl

Blogger cjoy said...
Mmm...egg in a hole. Hatchling, We love those, too. We call them bird's nest or hole in one, though I've heard many a term by varying people. (A rose by any other name and all that...oh, never mind, you'll understand in several more years.) Whatever they are, I think they are amazingly wonderful. And, your mommy must be a fabulous cook if she makes those so perfectly. Tell her I said so. :)


Blogger Katrina said...
Mmmm...I may have to try that egg-in-a-hole sometime. It sounds yummy! I think lawyerchik's answer to why we eat chickens is a good one, much more gentle than the one I was going to give, which included the phrase "finger lickin' good".