March 27, 2009
In Which I am Totally Random
It's awfully dark and stormy today. I'm high on paint fumes, to boot. What does to boot mean, anyway? I have no idea.

The painters were here to fix a cosmetic wall problem this morning, and I had them paint the front door too. It's one of those fake wood numbers, and I had no idea how to stain metal, so I was more than happy to pay them to do so. Money may not make you happy, but it sure can fix a lot of nagging little problems in life, eh? Of course, after they stained said door, they told me to leave it open for a couple of hours. Have you ever tried to keep two little boys in the house and out of the street when the front door was beckoning with a wide, gaping portal of escape? It's not easy, my friends. We had to spend the morning upstairs, praying that my noisy little trap (constructed of a dining room chair and some plastic toys) would alert us if anyone tried to come in and steal Penelope (my MacBook Pro). Penelope's still here, the door was closed just as the first drops of fat rain fell from those noisy clouds outside our door, and the monkeys are eating their healthy lunch.

Now, if only Werner, my German appliance guy, would get the part to fix my oven so that it will self-clean again, I'll be in business. And really I have no idea if Werner is German. But when I have imaginary conversations with him in my head, I call him Verner and ask him if he misses his homeland. What? Like you didn't already know I was a complete wackjob?

In other news, my hair could not be frizzier. We're driving to Harrison this afternoon for a birthday party, then back tonight. Oh, and it's supposed to snow 4 inches tomorrow and be in the 50's on Sunday. Welcome to Arkansas.
Blogger lawyerchik said...
I can just picture you chasing down one little boy only to find the other one squealing with giggles as HE runs out the front door!! :)

At least it's Friday....

BTW - my "word verification" word is bosyst - even the Internet knows I tend to be bossy.....