March 14, 2009
Wacky Dreams
I had the strangest dream the other night.

In my dream, my mother came in and stood at the foot of my bed and said "I just got an email from Nanny! She said Jesus' spirit is really under attack and she is so worried about him. She wants us to get everyone we know praying for him. She's really worried." I started to jump out of bed, because what kind of Godless heathen doesn't pray for Jesus when he needs help? But then, I realized that Nanny has been dead for almost three years. So I asked the obvious. "Ummm, Mom? Nanny emailed you? How exactly did she do that?" My Mom laughed. "Oh, if the conditions are just right, with a few clouds but not too many, and she can find one low enough to the ground with a laptop on it, she always emails me." Well okay then... not strange at all. I'm so glad we got that out of the way.

I was going to photoshop a picture of Nanny sitting on a cloud with a laptop, but apparently all of my photos of her are hard copies, and let's face it, if we waited for me to learn how to use the scanner, this story would never be told.