April 28, 2009
Slush... Drug Free and Proud
A couple of weeks ago, my hands and feet started tingling and going numb. Then one night as I tried to sleep, the shooting pains from my foot up my leg kept me up all night. Now for some background, I've had several reactions/ side effects from medicines in the past few years that have caused this. Once I've stopped taking the medicine, it's always gone away in a day or two. After whining to my in-house pharmacist, he advised me to stop my asthma medicine, which I did. Several days later, I was no better. So I stopped taking my allergy meds too.

Warning: Big tangent: Stopping allergy medication was a big step for me. I've been on at least one daily allergy med, usually more than one, for the last 15 years or so. Ever since I maybe got mono in college and came home for Christmas break and spent the entire time piled up in my Mom's bed feeling miserable and watching TV. The test never came back positive for mono, but the doctor thought that was what it had to be. Ironically, at the time, I had never been kissed. Unless you count that ill-fated double date when I was a junior in high school (I think it was junior year), which consisted of my best friend, her boyfriend, and one of his guy friends. I think the guy's name was Lester. No wait, it was Leonard. We went to see Flatliners, which I thought was a pretty good movie at the time, probably because I've always had a thing for Kiefer Southerland. It's his voice. He should do audio books, don't you think? Anyway, about halfway through the movie, my friend and her boy toy started making out. Really, I didn't care. I was focused on Kiefer. And then in my peripheral vision, this thing started moving through the air towards my face. It was Leonard. Or Lester. Whatever. It was like a big slimy jellyfish had attached itself to my face, and good grief- we hadn't even been holding hands! I pushed him away, and after a few minutes he came back for more, which was just plain stupid on his part. So naturally, I punched him in the stomach and my friend had to get up and leave because she was laughing so hard. On the way to take me home, poor Lester/Leonard got a ticket. Probably not one of his best nights.

So what I'm saying is, I have bad allergies which are worse because I maybe had mono, and I've never been the same since, and stopping my allergy medication is a really big deal to me. Have I lost you yet?

After quitting all this medication, my tingling still wasn't gone. I started doing some research, one of my favorite pastimes, and discovered that many women who have the same IUD as me (Mirena) have had a lot of nasty side effects (including, you guessed it, tingling hands and feet) which their doctors insist could not possibly be caused by their IUD, but which magically went away when they insisted it be removed. And I said well crap, because I just paid to have mine replaced as my 5 years was up from the first one I got after I had Hatchling. Since I was scheduled for my yearly in a couple of days anyway, I talked to L and we decided to get the thing removed, and five days later, my tingling is probably 90% better. I just have it off and on now, and it is not as bad when it is on. And by the way, my doctor was nice about it, but told me there was no way the Mirena was causing my problems.

So I'm less tingly, but now we'll probably be like the Duggar's. Just kidding. I hope. We're going to be using NFP (and yes, that is what we were using when we got pregnant with Hatchling, bahhaha). This time, I'm getting a LadyComp to take the human error out of the whole situation, cause let me tell you, I'm riddled with error. It should be here Thursday. As should my new dishwasher. German engineering and a German appliance guy. I'm all about the German's these days. As for controlling my allergies, I've just been using my neti pot and local honey, and except for a few more sneezes, I'm about the same as I was before. So basically, I've been paying for prescriptions for 15 years that I didn't really need? You know, I'm so good at economics that I should really go into politics, don't you think?
Blogger AfricaBleu said...
I see where this is going . . . (taps side of nose knowingly). Baby girl this time?

Blogger TNKerry said...
All I can say is you crack me up!!!