May 26, 2009
I am thinking about/planning/procrastinating a search for H2's birth mother. In her interview with our agency, she said she would like to receive some photos. And yes, since H2 is now 2.5 years old, I have put it off long enough, and I know that I'm a terrible person. So you don't need to tell me that. And I would have done it before- but it's honestly really expensive. Like maybe more than a thousand buckaroos. Which I don't happen to have hidden in a cookie jar. And it's hard- mentally and physically.

So, I have to find a person to conduct said search.

Then I have to write a letter. Dear birth mother, thank you for our son. Sorry it sucks to be you. Love, Slush. Just kidding. Hold those flaming arrows.

Then I have to find pictures to include which: include shoes (this is a Guatemalan thing, and we live in Arkansas...); don't look dangerous, snotty or ratty; make H2 look happy and healthy (which he is, so this one at least is easy).

Then I have to have the letter translated into Spanish, send it to Guatemala with my big fat check, and wait to see what happens. Maybe they can't find her. Maybe they find her and she doesn't want to hear from us again. Maybe they find her and she starts asking for money because we are 'rich Americans.' Ha ha ha. But seriously, it's a valid concern. Or maybe she wants to have a great relationship with her son and a lifelong bond is formed. See- I can be optimistic. It's just not easy for me.

So, with these thoughts in my little head (and really, I wear and extra, extra small bike helmet), I wish for some sand in which to stick my head. I wouldn't need much.

No shoes! Impending danger! This one won't do.
Blogger beth said...
Good luck with the search. We send letters and photos through our attorney (we adopted domestically) and I'm actually amazed at how much my attitude has changed. I imagined all these horrible scenarios and now...I'm increasingly disappointed that she's lost touch with the attorney. He's such a wondrous joy that I can't help but want to share him with her - and that's not anything I ever expected to be able to think.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Depending on how detailed and sophisticated your vocabulary, I might be able to help with the translation. :)

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
You rock LawyerChik. I think we can all agree I'm neither sophisticated nor detailed. :)

Blogger Shan said...
All I have is laughter at your silly silliness today. I thought you would like a comment though. I do so enjoy these stream of consciousness blogs. :D H2 has Arky hick written ALL OVER him in that shoeless shot. DO NOT SEND!!! Justa kidd. Of course he's gorgeous and totally grown looking. WHOA