August 3, 2009
What I did this summer...
Gracious, summer is kicking me in the rear!

The family of Slush loaded up in the car a couple of weeks ago and headed to that dreaded state of Colorado to see my squirrely little sister and her family. 12 hours, my friends. You know you really and truly love your family when you willingly spend 12 hours at a time in a small car with my boys. I've decided to tell you about my vacation in the form of letters. There are no pictures to accompany them because I've been suffering from jet lag from the 1 hour time change for the last week, and I haven't managed to budge the camera from it's spot on L's desk. It may be something other than jet lag. I'm sticking with jet lag though, even though we didn't actually fly. I'm zany that way. Jet lag. Just had to get that in one more time in this paragraph...
Dear Boulder,

Your farmer's market had me at hello. Oh the produce! The leafy greens, the raw cheeses, the fresh breads and even the kombucha! And the smells! Oh delicious, smells! You made me weak in the knees, and I was loathe to leave you. Do you think you could give L a job at your Google office so I could be one with you, for always? Pretty please?

Lovelorn back in Arkansas, Slush

Dear Cherry Creek Mall,

I knew as I passed the valet parking on my way to the solid granite changing table that this was not the mall for me. This was only solidified by the La Cornue stove in your Williams Sonoma. L is so lucky that the smallest one is too large for my 30" stove opening. Looking at you and caressing your beautiful surface made me feel a little like I was cheating on my husband. Only he was right there watching, so I guess that made me something of a swinger? It's all too convoluted to understand. I love you, but it's just not going to work out between us. Could you please tell the puppy mill store that I will miss them too? I love all those wiggly balls of fur, and I don't care where they came from. And if I had an extra $600 after I purchased my stove, I'd take one home.

Longingly, Slush

Dear King Soopers,

Why isn't it Super, or Supers? I'm really disturbed by your spelling choices, so please enlighten me. The spelling is the only thing I found wrong with your store. Oh, the incredible offerings you offer! Kombucha, Mexican Coke by the bottle, organic everything you could imagine, plus all the stuff a regular grocery store has to offer too! My brother in law mocked me when I said you were my favorite part of the trip, but I miss you King. Can I call you King? I feel like we're old friends, separated by a cruel twist of fate. My sister doesn't appreciate you. She doesn't love you like I do. Come to Arkansas, please? I promise we'll be best friends, forever and ever.

Crying about my available grocery choices,

Dear Kansas,

You are windswept and boring. There is a certain prettiness to you, and I love trying to guess what all those crops are and to pretend that the dry, scraggly ones are the GM crops, and the lush bountiful ones are organic. But frankly, that's only entertaining for a few hours at best. Do you think you could get more interesting? The windmills help, but you've still got a ways to go.

Bored by you,
Blogger tagskie said...
hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Blogger Luke said...
I've heard that Soopers may have been the guy's name... but I really don't know. For people who have been in Colorado for a long time, Soopers is normal, but it really confused my wife [smile].


Blogger Brooke said...
I'm glad the loathed Colorado won some favor :)
-your sis

Blogger lawyerchik said...
THERE you are!! It sounds like you had a good time, jet lagged though you were on return! ;) Glad you had fun!! And WELCOME BACK!