September 22, 2009
We're Ba-ack!
We're back from a week at the happiest place on Earth. The place where your children will scream, cry, throw kicking tantrums in every imaginable public place, use abhorrent table manners, and in general, make you look like an awful parent. And as an added bonus- you get to pay out the nose for this treatment! But when you have these sweet vacation photos to look back on, you convince yourself it was all worth it!

Oh, I had so much fun with my Mom for a whole week. Even though she lives just a few minutes away, I don't get to see her nearly enough. I'm trying to get her to move into our spare room (I haven't told L that yet, but I'm certain he wouldn't mind). Thanks for putting up with us for a week, Mom!

On our way we down, we missed not one but TWO connections. So instead of getting to the parks by 2, we barely made our 5:40 dinner reservation at Chef Mickey's. We did make it though, which was good because it was the only character meal we had scheduled for the whole week.

H2 is not sure what to think...

Here we are in Animal Kingdom, in our matching Tilly hats. Aren't we cute? And can I just tell you, I could just eat L up when I watch him walk around all day in his Tilly hat. Between the hat and the dimple, I'm milk toast. Or at least, I think that's what I am- I'm not entirely sure what milk toast is. But I think it's what i am. And it's OK- we're married, so I can feel that way.

Ever wonder what trouble looks like?

Hatchling in his homemade poncho for Kali River Rapids. Once you've walked around for one afternoon in the Florida humidity, soaked to the skivvies, you'll think twice about doing it again.

The boys meet Pluto...

And Donald. See those backpacks? I got them for five bucks a piece, ironed on a little Disney patch, and wrote their names on them in fabric marker. Then, we had the characters sign them- instead of some cheesy autograph book that wouldn't last the month (boys are hard on things). Hatchling still has all the papers from his last autograph book, and likes to look at them, but I thought this was a little more fun (read: durable). It was a problem when Goofy got rained on whilst signing- the ink won't run after it dries, but it apparently will before it has time to dry. We got him to re-sign on a different day, and we're going to get Hatchling a second patch to cover up the goof(y).

I kid you not- I was close enough to hear, and Hatchling is whispering to Minnie that her dress is just beautiful. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Gigolo of the Year, 2022...

We also went to Playhouse Disney Live at Hollywood Studios. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is H2's 2nd favorite thing in the world (#1 being Thomas the Tank Engine, #3 being his family). Seeing all his favorite characters in the flesh (so to speak) was more than he could take in. He sat with his little mouth hanging open the entire time, and leaving the show induced a rather astonishing fit, even for the Angry Guatemalan. He would not be soothed. He wanted Mouse (I feel sure he would have said he wanted Mouse, dammit, if only he had the expansive vocabulary to do so. I wonder- if I teach my children to swear, will they be less likely to have breakdowns, or will they just have more colorful breakdowns? Kidding!).

My absolute favorite part of the week was the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. In case you don't know, this is where the Magic Kingdom closes down unless you have a special (read: extra cost) ticket that allows you to be there. Kids (and grown ups) are encouraged to dress up, there is a special parade and fireworks, and you get to trick or treat all over the park. As an added bonus, the park is pretty empty, so you can ride all the rides you want with virtually no lines. Also, it's cool, which was a rare experience during our sweltering, sweaty week.

We had with us a strikingly handsome Woody...

And this cute little LGM (he was a huge hit on the Buzz Lightyear ride).

Cute little buggers, aren't they?

I can't say enough about MNSSHP- if you ever have a chance, GO! I loved the parade. Somehow, L managed to not get pics of my two favorite parts of the parade, both from the Haunted Mansion part (I might fire him, if not for that Tilly hat). I loved the Haunted Mansion dancers and also the Grave Diggers, who occasionally scraped their shovels on the ground and made sparks. It was way cool, and the fact that it rained right till the start of the parade and was a little foggy only made it cooler. You can see last year's parade here- the Haunted Mansion sequence starts about 4:20

I even had to buy this , so the kids and I could have some great Halloween music to listen too.

Here, a Sea Serpent sneaks up on H2. They're both too cute for words, no?

Slush's favorite- MNSSHP
Slush's Mom's favorite- MNSSHP
Hatchling's favorite- Rides without any darkness
H2's favorite- I'm guessing Playhouse Disney
L's favorite- two evenings spent alone with me, walking around parks and doing nothing but enjoying one anther's company (This answer was given with no pause for thought and total sincerity- now, don't I feel bad about my answer!)
Anonymous Edie Mindell said...
Sounds like you really had a fantastic and fun adventure with the whole family. Your kids are very handsome and cute especially when they goof around in the pictures. I'm sure they had a blast.:-)