January 7, 2010
Welcome to January!
Greetings, Earthlings! How is 2010 shaping up for you so far? My personal resolution this year, besides losing weight (like any good American), is to blog more. I'm not off to a bang up start, I know, but I'm doing the best I can, OK?

Today, I shall tell you all about my favorite Christmas present. It's timely, considering it is insanely cold here, and the cold makes me want to curl up into a ball and die a frozen death. Dear God, why was I not born in Hawaii? Are mild southern winters to be the thorn in my flesh? But I digress...

My lovely sister, who lives in that most frozen state of Colorado, got me the bestest socks ever. Ever, people. I mean, if you don't have these socks, you just aren't living up to your full potential. So without further ado, here they are!

These are some sort of snowboarding socks, or some such silly sport in which I would most likely incur a mortal wound from which I would never recover. That's the thing with mortal wounds, you know- you just don't get better. But about my socks! They are from Smartwool, and they are insanely expensive. Like, over twenty bucks a pair. BUT, oh so worth it.

True confession: since opening my socks on Christmas Eve, I've been wearing them something like 5 days a week, with a day or two off for washing. Isn't that disgusting? I can't help it, I love them so much. They keep me warm all the way to my knobby little knees, and they bring me all kinds of joy. You should go order yourself a pair, so you can have the joy, too. I should order myself another pair so I can have even more joy. Let's all order socks today, as we sit inside and freeze our little tushies off! It's retail therapy at its finest, no?

I really should order H2 some, for when he sees his coat in my hands, he starts crying and screaming, "Scary!" Apparently, little Guatemalans feel like I do about the cold. Perhaps even a bit more vehemently. No playing in the snow for that kid!
Blogger Shan said...
OHHHH! You have that family trait of making me GUFFAW out loud! GOL!
You have almost, practically, am still considering ordering those socks this very day! I selfishly want them for my own feet, but my Dandy has been suffering something near frostbite level toes since winter started kicking us in the crotch repeatedly. He actually NEEDS such a pair of socks. So I will check it out like the great (and skinny, of course) mom I vow to be in 2010.
Welcome back! I've missed your blog.

Blogger Hillary said...
Shan's right about guffawing out loud! You funny! :)

And also? I have once in my life put these little pieces of heaven on my feet - my feet were cold at a friend's place, so I asked if I could borrow a pair of socks. He didn't have any matched clean ones, so he gave me his snowboarding socks. BLISS! I tried to "accidentally" smuggle them out with me, but they didn't fit into my high heeled boots and as I was trying, I fell over, blasting all sense of inconspicuous-ness (inconspicuosity?) right out the window. Moral of the story: buy my own socks. Or make friends with your sister.

Hello, my name is Hillary and write blog posts in other people's comments. Apparently.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Welcome back, Slush!! (I was afraid that you had decided to stay in DisneyWorld and become one of the small world people....)

Those socks do look warm and toasty! Hope you had a good Christmas!!

Blogger Sara said...
Oh I had a wonderful pair of socks once. They have remained in my socks hall of fame. Mrs. Jinghan, my parents landlady in India, made me the most ugly pair of wool socks...but they were SOOO WARM and I wore them ALL THE TIME. So, I know about the 5 days a week thang.
Glad your back on the blog circuit.
Gosh its been FOREVER.

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Missed you, Cousin O' Mine. Great socks. Ya know, my girl has been flipping through her knitting books, eyeing the socks. Maybe we could pirate your socks . . .