August 10, 2005
Needed, Prayer and Enlightenment
I'd like to ask you for a favor. My household is in need of prayer. Lots of it. No, there is nothing wrong with any of us, don't worry. In the grand scheme of things, my woes are, well, petty. But they are my woes, and that makes them feel important to me.

Here's the deal: Three months ago we purchased one of the last lots in our neighborhood in order to build a bigger house. I will be contracting said house, as I have mentioned here before. We put our current house on the market, as we need the equity out of it to help build the new one. In the last three months we have sold our house to

  • A man whose truck wouldn't fit in the garage (which his contract was dependent on)
  • Scammy Scammerkins
  • A couple who have their house PAID OFF and don't want to get a loan in the interim between selling their old house and buying this one (don't we all wish our problems were this trifling!)

We've also had a lot of other serious lookers. Well, we thought they were serious, but maybe they weren't.

Regardless, our house is STILL for sale. Some people say time is money, which in light of interest rates rising is true, but for me, time is a baby. I want to get pregnant and L doesn't think it is a good idea until we are at least close to completion on the new house. I understand that, and in more lucid moments, even agree with him. That doesn't make the ache any less piercing.

To throw another kink into our path, some friends of ours who live a couple of houses down from our new lot have recently had 3 unsolicited offers on their house, and they approached us about the possibility of us selling our lot to them.

We don't know what to do. Did we jump on the lot too quickly, without praying about it enough? Does God want us to be happy where we are? Does He want us to move? I will really be pretty happy either way, and I am sure His plan is best, but I'm having a lot of trouble seeing what it is right now. S

o please, if you don't mind, pray for some enlightenment in our lives.
It would be much appreciated.