October 27, 2005
I'd Rather Be Napping
Cold weather has come to Arkansas. In all fairness, some would consider the daytime temperatures, which are in the high 60's, downright balmy. Me, I consider them a sign to don my ski jacket before venturing forth from the house. And with the cold comes the sleepiness. At my house, we like to hibernate. In fact, I am getting to the point where I absolutely must go to bed by 10 pm if I don't catch a nap during the day. It is downright pitiful.

I think the sleepiness is a form of escapism. We leave for our mission trip one week from Saturday, and while I have all the bears done (thanks to my friend Jenny and all the family and friends and who helped with the stuffing phase!), I still don't know where my wee little hatchling will be nesting.

He was supposed to stay with my mom, who works full- time. To those of you lucky enough to have grandparents who don't work, say a huge prayer of thanksgiving. You just don't know. Anyway, because I am a slacker, I have been putting off finding a daytime watcher for H while Grammy is at work.

My husband is very irritated over this, as he really got onto me about a month ago and tried to impress the importance of taking care of this into my feeble brain. I have dutifully apologized and promised I learned my lesson...

So I decided on Monday that Tuesday was the day I was going to get it taken care of. All would be well on Tuesday! Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. It would not fail me! As I am sure you can guess, Tuesday let me down. Blasted Tuesday! What a stupid day, stuck between Monday and Wednesday! You are nothing Tuesday! NOTHING!

Daycare centers don't want him. Toddler spots are too precious for one- weekers. Two possible watchers had a week full of doctors appointments. Others are far, far away for my mom to drive. The referral center for our area suggested a nanny service, which runs about $400 a week. Are they kidding? And do people really pay this much????

And so, it is Thursday. TWO days after Tuesday, for those of you who can't do the math, and I still have no place for my boy. I am leaving the country and I have SO not taken care of my son.
Blogger shay v. said...
Dang kids... always infringing on our lives! =) no, really... I'm kidding. Isn't it insane how EXPENSIVE child care can be? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!