November 20, 2008
I am a twitchy-eyed freak of nature
My right eye won't stop twitching. It's making me even crazier than normal.

Hey, remember about a year ago when Hatchling colored all over L's new 52" TV? That poor TV. It just wasn't meant to live at our house. This morning, it was cruelly murdered by the pirate Donkey Kong and his plastic pirate telescope. I walked out the room and everything was fine. Two cracks later I returned to Hatcling saying "Ummmm... Mommy? I think H2 done a bad thing..." And yes, we're working on the grammar, but he is only 4 people, so cut us some slack. H2 was nervously looking at the television, where only moments before Sid the Science Kid had been dancing and singing about... well, something. I obviously wasn't paying attention.

By the time I returned to the room, there were pretty colors and a spidery glass line all over the TV. The outside glass is intact, but something inside is broken and jacked up. Of the two repairmen Sharp advised me to call, one informed me there was nothing to be done. The other sounded like he was in a deer stand and has yet to get back to me. Ahhh, the joys of living in the South in hunting season.

So. I've cried, I've whined, and I've cried some more. Like we really wanted to purchase a new TV a month before Christmas. H2 may be getting a rock from Santa.
Blogger Katrina said...
Oh, no! Your TV! I'm sorry.

I've lived in fear of some dreadful accident happening to our TV every since we got the Wii and I started hearing horror stories about high impact controller/screen collisions.

I hope it's not too painful to replace!