March 3, 2009
Slacker, Thy Name Is Slush...
My sister called me last night from the stupid state of Colorado (I persist), to say something along the lines of, "I keep hearing about Hatchling's party and his amazing cake, and I click and click on your blog to see it. But alas, nothing is there." She used her sad little sister voice too, which I am able to resist, being the oldest and knowing that it is just for show. Even so, I'm just barely immune to it. She's really good with the sad voice. One of these days, I'm going to scan in the picture of her turning it on in the back seat one day when she was about 4, and which I have kept for the sake of posterity. Siblings are generous like that.

So, just for you, oh sister of mine. Hatchling's 5th Birthday Party Extravaganza, in pictures!

Hatchling opens presents with the help of his lovely cousin Averie (who turns 5 herself next week).

It's a magnetic, put together Wall-E! Neither Hatching nor H2 realized they needed this, but now that it is in the house they fight over it all the time. H2 has a passion for Wall-E that is matched only by Hatchling's passion for keeping toys away from H2.

H2 wonders where his presents are. Actually, he has a balloon, which means he's happy. Are my kids the only ones who think balloons are better than any possible toy? Seriously, next Christmas Santa may bring a big bag of balloons and a helium tank.

Behold, in all it's glory, the cake that Hatchling and I made. And when I say Hatchling helped I make it, I mean that in the loosest possible terms. He did stand around and lick icing, eat pretzels, and gorge himself on Fig Newtons (they're whole wheat, so I felt OK about that). Really, he's up there with the Cookie Monster in terms of kitchen help.

The waterfall, which I totally messed up. And just so you know, I copied this cake from someone else I found on that there internets. I'm nowhere near creative enough to come up with this on my own. Hatchling was on board as soon as I explained this cake would involve the purchase of a toy Thomas train. He's a smart one, that boy of mine.

Look at this face. I would just like to say that I am NOT responsible for this whole zipped up to the top jacket ensemble. Had I had my way, it would have been much more artfully done. However, five has its own way of doing things. I think I miss four.

I take it back, five. As long as you continue to look like this, I'm totally on board with you.

That's our neighbor J and her Mommy there. They moved into the house where the kids Hatchling beat up with his plastic golf clubs used to live. We love J. In fact, Hatchling is considering marrying her when he grows up, since he can't marry me and he's related to all the other girls he knows.

Warning: if you use 83 vats of highly colored green and blue icing on a cake, make sure you watch the kid's table very, very closley. Thank goodness L was on top of things whilst I ran the coffee beverage center for the grownups. Otherwise, H2 would be a little green monster, and my stairs would be covered in green icing. I'm not OK with either of those outcomes.

Hatchling informed me about 18 hours before his party that we had to play a game at the party, otherwise no one would have fun. Being the enterprising thing I am, I whipped up this pin the nose on Thomas game. I drew him on our magnetic erase board (which is why his eye is all jacked up, this wasn't the first try), and then I colored a red paper nose and stuck it on one of our Word Whammer pieces. A fun time was had by all participants, though I think little Averie was the only one to NOT cheat. And let's just take a moment to wonder why L always takes such ungainly pictures of me? Seriously honey. Oh wait, it's not you. It's just that I look like that. How sad for both of us. But I digress. In another digression, this easel was mine when I was Hatchling's age. I had a chalkboard on side (as he does on the other) and I guess I used paper on this side? I don't really remember that part. Anywho, my boys adore it and it was built by my Mom's favorite uncle. That could be a SlushTurtle trivia answer one of these days.

Here is L's dad with my grandparents, Chief and Grandma. Check out Grandma's kicky red shoes. She can totally pull it off.

What party is complete until someone lets go of the balloons, and then turns on the fan in hopes of blowing them to the staircase where one can reach them? L was not happy. This may have something to do with the fact that we have 18 foot ceilings in our living room. And also that I spent $12 on balloons at Party City, which he thought was outrageous. We're on different planes when it comes to party planning, he and I. But we make a good team. Thankfully, I turned off the fan after a minimal rotation, and they were relatively easy to get down. And by relatively easy, I mean getting the ladder out, standing on top of it with a pole duster thing, fully extended, and using it to unwrap the strings. All in a day's work for a Daddy.

Happy 5th my sweet little Hatchling! You've come a long way from this little guy:

Blogger lawyerchik said...
I think that the waterfall looks very nice - very creative, too!!

BTW, welcome back, Slush!! (Now that I know of its power, I might invoke the sad "little sister" voice myself one of these days.....) :)

Blogger Katrina said...
Awww...Happy Birthday, Hatchling! (And that is one AWESOME cake!)